logitech-trackpad-mac-dealUpdate: Deal is back but this time at Best Buy.

Amazon has dropped $10 off the Logitech rechargeable multi-touch trackpad for Mac, bringing it down to just $29.99 with free shipping for Prime members (free trial). All otherlogitech-trackpad-mac-deal-touch-amazon buyers must spend at least $35 to steer clear of shipping costs. Today’s deal is 50% below retail and the lowest price ever. It features a roomy ultra smooth glass touch surface, built-in USB rechargeable battery, and a streamlined design to complement your Mac setup.

Not even Apple’s $69 Magic Trackpad has a rechargeable battery. 63 Amazon reviewers give it 4 out of 5 stars.

If you want to complete your Logitech Mac setup like the image above, pick up the highly-rated K811 Bluetooth keyboard.


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One Response to “Logitech rechargeable multi-touch trackpad for Mac $30 shipped (Reg. $60)”

  1. Just letting you guys know this is not a very good product. When I was looking for a touch pad I purchased both this (Logitech T651) and the Apple Magic Trackpad — In comparison, the Apple product destroyed the Logitech T651.

    There are two major issues with the logitech product: first, it only works on OS X. If you want windows support (bootcamp user? fuhget-about-it — Logitech doesn’t have a Windows driver), or support for ANY other OS other than OS X, it’s not going to work properly. Forget about gestures; it won’t even function as a basic HID input device on Windows (see Logitech forum: http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Mice-and-Pointing-Devices/Is-T651-supported-on-Mac-Mini-running-bootcamp-OSX-10-8-Windows/td-p/1030693)

    Logitech has a nearly identical version of the T651 that actually does support Windows (the Win one is black, product is the called the T650) — but that one doesn’t work on OS X! Also the Windows version, the T650, is not bluetooth — it uses logitech’s proprietary wireless protocol and requires a dongle that takes up a USB port.

    Whoever is the product manager for this line at Logitech is smoking some really good meth, I must say.

    Anyway — the second major issue I had with the T651 is the angle; it’s flatter than the Apple trackpad, which makes it more difficult to use. Lastly, and these are more nitpicky things rather than major flaws, the “clickability” is another problem; the rubber feet on the bottom depress which tells it to act like a mouse click in the driver. Well, on corners of the trackpad, clicking simply does not work sometimes. Same thing with gestures — if you try to do a gesture near the edge (specifically the top), it won’t register with the driver.

    All in all this is a terrible product compared to the Apple Magic Trackpad. I know Apple has the tendency to make competitors’ offerings look poor simply because they are Apple, but this is seriously one of those cases where they obliterate the competition.

    Save up some money for another week / month or whatever and just buy the Apple Magic Trackpad and save yourself a giant headache. It works on Windows and it is designed wayyyyy better than the Logitech T651.