Staples is a Black Friday dark horse. Typically Walmart and Best Buy receive the biggest lines and media attention, but don’t get caught up in the hype. Staples sometimes has the same exact deals are other retailers and a lot less fanfare. That means picking up your items is easier and you can get back to your leftover turkey quicker! The top deals from Staples are as follows…

Leading the pack is one of the only Black Friday deals so far on a new Nexus 7 Android tablet. Staples will have the 16GB model for $199, which is a $30 drop and a match for the best price ever. Pick up some extra storage for your PC or Mac with a $49.99 Toshiba 1TB portable drive. Staples is bringing back its ZAGGkeys Pro iPad deal at $50. And of course Staples will have the Beats Pill for $150 just like every other retailer during the holiday season. The ad does not feature many Apple products at all, but maybe there will be a storewide coupon that will work on them? Check out the full Staples ad here (in weekly ad section) and the rest of our Black Friday coverage here.

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