Update: Giveaway has ended and the winner has been announced.

As a way to spread holiday cheer to our loyal readers we are giving away a Dropcam Pro WiFi video monitoring camera with mobile access and cloud recording! We reviewed Dropcam’s latest offering a couple months ago and immediately fell in love with it:

The new Dropcam Pro is a tremendously easy to setup and offers great audio/video quality for consumers and small businesses. The addition of Bluetooth LE, dual-band Wi-Fi, and a wider field of view are all worthy updates that help make the Dropcam Pro one of the best Wi-Fi video monitoring systems available. It truly makes checking in on any location as simple as can be…

The Dropcam Pro retails for $199.99 and is worth every penny, but one lucky 9to5toys reader will receive one for absolutely nada. Head below to check out all the contest details.

To enter giveaway:

– Share your favorite (just one!) 9to5Toys deal from the past 7 days on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ and we’d love to hear from you in the comments if you have any unique plans for the Dropcam if you win.

Get HYPED about your chosen deal as we’ll be looking for energetic influencers to reward with giveaways. Obviously, make sure you follow/like/circle 9to5Toys so we can contact you if you are the winner. Open to US residents only because of shipping and customs issues.

Winner will be contacted directly on Thursday (12/19) as part of the daily 9to5Toys Lunch Break on 9to5Mac. Good luck to all!

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35 Responses to “Giveaway: Dropcam Pro WiFi video monitoring camera ($200 value)”

  1. Very cool Product, can practically use it to monitor a parking lot activity, business store activity, and weather conditions in different areas, especially if you love to travel to family.

  2. this sounds interesting, it would be great for my arduinos.

  3. I would set it up at my bro-in-law’s house in my hometown in Alaska so I can peek at the weather while I’m working at my jobsite in Australia.

  4. nicirobinson says:

    I shared the apple computer deals on google +. I would love this to keep an eye on my son when he is down for naps and bed.

  5. I would love to use this Dropcam to see which shelf this crazy Elf is going to be on next. My favorite deal was the GoogleChrome cast for $35 or $25 for students.

  6. I’ll probably give it to my mom so she could watch over my grandparents that are sick.

  7. I would use it to keep an eye on my dogs when I’m away. I know they are always up to something!

  8. shared EA iOS deal…will watch the babysitter!

  9. I tweeted the Tomb Raider game. Awesome find at .99
    And who wouldn’t love a lil peace of mind, checking in at home once in a while!

  10. I retweeted the iTunes Gift Card link… I’d LOVE the DropCam Pro to put in our new nursery… wanted to get one myself but it was a bit out of my budget. :-(

  11. I shared the AWESOME deal on iTunes cards from Staples (limit 4). Can you say stocking stuffer? I try to take it one deal at a time and do what I can to help the team. I always give 110% and respect my opponents.

    RE: Dropcam Pro

    I would love to get one of these to be able to see my children entering the house as they return home from school. Now we are relegated to phone convos. The ability to SEE and SPEAK with them when they get home would be terrific. Since they do not have cellphones (why do pre-teens NEED cellphones anyhow), this would be the best option. Especially since it is free and I could be a winner. Would my prize be from Italy like in the movies? That would be cool if it were marked FRA-GEE-LEE. You know for safety and comedic purposes.

  12. It will be used for watching me watching you watching me

  13. Dan Brumit says:

    I am on oxygen 24/7, so this would allow me to answer the front door, without going up and down the stairs.

  14. Markus Bruch says:

    Would use the cam to bring my Bonsai into focus, to see how it grows and when I have to interfere!

  15. ryguy2303 says:

    I’d watch the kids and dogs while at work! This truly would be awesome.

  16. Adam Bernard says:

    i’d put it in the garage so I don’t get caught fapping

  17. Azlan Ayy says:

    I’ll be spying on my sister mwhahaha!

  18. Jerry Rongos says:

    Big fan of security cameras and would love to try this thing out

  19. I want to face it out my window at home so I can see the view I’m missing from my office.

  20. I would love to use this to produce an online reality show.

  21. So really want this to keep an eye on the dog.

  22. Aidin Ameri says:

    I will use to watch my dad, because he is old and I want to take care of him.

  23. Ben Honsvick says:

    I’d video the neighbor’s cat defecating in the front yard. With proof, the real fun would begin. I shared

    Game/App Deals: 1-year Xbox Live Gold: $35, PlayStation 4 availability, Ratchet & Clank Into The Nexus: $20, Borderlands 2: $8, iOS freebies, more
    Read more at http://9to5toys.com/2013/12/16/gameapp-deals-1-year-xbox-live-gold-35-ratchet-clank-into-the-nexus-20-borderlands-2-8-ios-freebies-more/#UZCJ2Ri09TJVx3oP.99

  24. Since I figured out my toys didn’t come alive when I left the house a la Toy Story, I am very curious what the dog is like while I’m gone.

  25. Shared: Pebble Smartwatch deal dated 12/15/13
    Dropcam uses:
    Winter – Catch “porch pirates” who try to steal items bought online based on 9to5toys.com deal alerts.
    Spring – Watch birds create nests and rear their young in the tree in front of porch.

  26. Liked the quadracopter deal. there’s been a bunch of break-ins in my town so need something that will deter criminals.

  27. I would use Dropcam to watch my dog Gizmo at home, he is losing his eyesight because of diabetes. I will be in the know of how he’s doing on how he is evolving. Dropcam would certainly help him and us with his transition to blindness.

  28. iphone lens kit was my favorite

  29. Finally see what my dog is really up to …

  30. Screen unwanted solicitors at the door.

  31. Shared: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter w/iPhone/iPad Controls & Live Video Streaming Refurb $175 shipped (Reg. $300) wp.me/p1xTlR-lkY

    I would use it to replace my current drop cam in my apt buildings hall way (i get to see who is at the door, from anywhere, including when packages are just dropped off) the drop cam that is currently there would go to my girlfriend so she can do the same thing.