This Smartwatch Rewards Your Kids for Good Behavior and Keeps Them Safe: $60 (Orig. $80)

Time management is one of the most important life skills any child can learn. The Octopus Kids Habit Tracking Watch helps your child to keep track of time, and rewards them for sticking to the schedule. Right now, this innovation award winner is just $59.99 (Orig. $79.99) at 9to5Toys Specials.

Along with digital and analog watch faces, this wearable device uses pictures to help your kids understand the daily routine. For instance, the one-inch display shows a toothbrush in the early morning and an open book at reading time.

As a parent, you can create a custom schedule via the companion smartphone app. There are more than 700 icons on board, from musical instruments to cuddle-time hearts. When your child sticks to their routine, the watch uses on-screen rewards as positive feedback.

The watch itself is durable, with a hypoallergenic wristband and a battery life of 2–5 days. It can also hold five lines of information for emergencies, like phone numbers, allergies, or blood type.

Normally $79.99, the Octopus Kids Habit Tracking Watch, a crowdfunding success story, is now just $59.99.

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