Nintendo demos a dual-Switch mode giving a very unique style of gameplay

The Nintendo Switch is a world-renowned gaming console at this point. With millions upon millions of units sold, Nintendo really has a hit on its hands here. At E3, the gaming icon announced games like Super Smash Bros. and others, but something that didn’t get much press was a dual-Switch gaming configuration that can really bring a new perspective to gaming.

Generally, gaming, though three-dimensional during gameplay, is very two-dimensional, even when doing multi-player. You’re both on the same screen (or your own screen) and each has a similar view to the other. It’s as if you each have an identical system giving you the same feedback, just at a different position on the track or map. Through the demoed gameplay at E3, this new two-Switch style of gaming could change that.

Nintendo demoed this new feature with three unique games, and my personal favorite is the banana one. Though the most simple, it’s one of the most unique in my opinion. What you have to do is take the two Switch units and align them just right so the banana becomes whole (two parts of it are on the two separate Switches) and swipe your finger through so it knows they’re aligned properly.

The Switch units cannot exactly connect to each other (that we know of) in order to know if you’re correct, so it uses a swiping motion like in the below video shows. As the levels progress, it gets more and more difficult as time goes on.

This is a great pass-time game to play when you’re not wanting to worry about a storyline and need to easily be able to stop quickly for any reason.

Nintendo also demoed a baseball game where you set the Switch units back to back and each player can view the field from their own perspective. One person is fielding and the other hitting, each seeing it from their own part.

Finally, Nintendo demoed this with Super Mario Party. You control two tanks in a multiplayer combat, and each screen has a 5×9 grid. Joining together on the sides, you’ll swipe your finger across the two devices to link them up and get a unified experience on the two consoles.

This is just what was demoed at E3, and attendees weren’t even really allowed to go hands-on with this as it was only done in a controlled setting from a stage. Nintendo is fantastic with family-friendly games like this and this is just the beginning of things to come.

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