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SNES controller for Switch now available again at $35 directly from Nintendo

You now have another chance to score the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controller for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is once again offering the hard-to-get SNES Switch controller directly on its website for $29.99 plus $5 shipping. You’ll need to be a Nintendo Switch Online member and then login to your account to be eligible for purchase. This might not be the deal you were hoping for, but these things have been very hard to come by since release. And there’s no telling how long this listing will be live for, so jump on it if you’re interested. Head below for even more details.

nintendo Stories February 14

Nintendo is known for its indie game titles. Not only will you find AAA games like The Witcher, Mario, Doom, Skyrim, and more available for Switch, but there are a plethora of titles that are built by independent development studios, and gamers love them. The latest entry into Nintendo’s Switch catalog is dubbed Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl — Gold, which is a unique game that brings fourth-wall-breaking rogue like RGB characteristics with plenty of snark and food puns.

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Nintendo SEGA eShop sale from $1.50 with Sonic titles, indie gems, and more

After seeing a massive publisher sale on the eShop earlier this week, Nintendo has just expanded the sale significantly. While deals from Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Blizzard, Capcom, and others are still live right here, SEGA is getting in on the fun today alongside some other notable indie games. Starting from less than $1.50, you’ll find deep deals on a plethora of both classic and modern Sonic the Hedgehog games as well as titles like ABZÛ, Assassin’s Creed, Super Monkey Ball, and more. Here are the rest of today’s best game deals and be sure to head below for our top picks from the eShop.

nintendo Stories February 12

Nintendo previously announced that it would no longer offer regular additions to its Nintendo Switch Online SNES and NES library. And while that seemed as though it would deflate some of the excitement here, December saw several new additions, and we are getting even more today. Those include a pair of SNES games that have never officially made it stateside along with two more NES titles to add to your vintage Switch library. All the details are down below. expand full story

nintendo Stories February 11

Nintendo launches giant eShop sale from $5: Rayman, Resident Evil, Mario, more

Nintendo has now launched a wide ranging publisher sale via the eShop, In fact, it’s more like publisher sales with a series of discounted titles from Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Blizzard, Capcom, and others. While at times these eShop digital sales are generally focused on indie games and the like, this week’s sales events are packed full of big name titles. Those include, but are not limited to, franchises like Rayman, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and many more. Needless to say this is a great time to fill up your back catalogue with discounted games. Head below for a complete list of our favorite picks from the sale starting from $5 or less.

You’ll soon be able to pass your time waiting for flights in the new Nintendo airport lounge starting this month. Announced today via its official site, Nintendo is opening “Nintendo Switch On The Go pop-up airport lounges” at select locations where travelers will be able to get hands-on with the latest Nintendo hardware, it biggest game releases, and even score some free goodies while they are at it. But the lunges will only be appearing on a few locations across the U.S. as of right now. All the details are down below. expand full story

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