The Outer Worlds is the sci-fi RPG you have been waiting for: details, gameplay footage, more

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is new game from Obsidian that has the internet on fire right now. Originally unveiled at the Game Awards last week, the debut trailer and subsequent detail drops are pointing at this thing being the sci-fi RPG gamers have been yearning for, especially after the disappointing Fallout 76 and the disastrous release of Mass Effect Andromeda. But don’t be confused, this is not just Fallout 5 with a new space age coat of paint either. Head below for some new details, gameplay footage, and more on The Outer Worlds.

Early comparisons are quickly being drawn to the Fallout series, mainly due to the connection with that game’s original creators. But this game is turning out be more of a Mass Effect experience with Fallout-like mechanics. It also appears to be heavily inspired by the likes of Borderlands with a strong focus on corporate control along with some visual cues from the gorgeous BioShock series.

The Lineage:

The Outer Worlds comes from game developer Tim Cain, who, among others at Obsidian, worked on the original two Fallout games as well as Fallout New Vegas. Cain was voted as one of top 100 game creators of all-time by IGN. While many are expecting The Outer Worlds to essentially be Fallout in space, and to some degree it is, that’s not quite an accurate representation of what we are getting here.

Cain was partially responsible for Obsidian’s last major RPG, Pillars of Eternity. The game features an extremely deep choice and consequence system and fell into a pure RPG category more than we are expecting from The Outer Worlds. However, there appears to be loads of design sensibilities carrying over to the new sci-fi Borderlands-meets-Fallout experience that was recently unveiled.

The World:

The Outer Worlds mainly takes place on two separate planets along with what appears to be some space station-like areas. This is not your typical open-world game like Fallout, but rather a more compartmentalized experience along the lines of a Mass Effect experience. Players will man their own spacecraft that will allow them to travel between various outposts on each planet but will not be player-controlled. Again, think something more like Mass Effect.

On the other hand, the world of The Outer Worlds is seemingly controlled by various, all-powerful corporations akin to something like Borderlands and other futuristic titles. From what we have seen so far, this is completely the opposite of the grey, drab Fallout games with loads of vibrant colors bursting from every biome, outpost, and space station we have seen thus far, even the more ominous environments. A sort of mid-century aesthetic is in place here that reminds us a lot of the 1950’s-like Fallout and BioShock artistic direction. And as far as I’m concerned, anytime we get more of that, it’s good thing.

The Story:

Players find themselves being awoken from a decades-long cryogenic sleep and thrust into a conspiracy that threatens to take down the Halcyon colony. The entirely player-driven story will force you to make loads of consequential decisions, from which factions and corporations you side with, to which of the game’s 6+ companions you step into battle with.

Clearly player choice is a big thing for Obsidian and sort of always has been to some degree. The inclusion of these kinds of mechanics has gamers excited and we would have to agree. Be the hero you have always dreamed of being or slaughter everything in your path like a complete psychopath. It’s your choice and the game will support your choices, according to the good folks at Obsidian.

Watch the official announcement trailer for The Outer Worlds, a new single-player first-person sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division.

The Gameplay:

At its core, The Outer Worlds is a first-person action RPG, much like Mass Effect and Fallout. In the early game you’ll find yourself creating a character from scratch and on a brand new ship that will act as the game’s main hub, your inventory, and fast travel point.

Combat consists of the usual assortment of melee and firearms but the player will have special abilities including Tactical Time Dilation, which will slow time and offer up some deeper stats on your enemies. You’ll be able to take two of those aforementioned companions with you into battle (or just while exploring) as well. The usual experience system is in place here which will allow players to customize their character across three main categories: Science, Medical, and Engineering, among other stats.

But there are also stealth and social skills that can be used. It’s hard to say if you can get through the whole game as a complete pacifist at this point, but these are definitely viable options on a moment-by-moment basis. A full-on dialogue tree is available here when getting into conversations that will most definitely have an effect on the game’s branching story paths, the relationships you maintain (or not), and more.

Everyone Has Flaws

Another interesting wrinkle in the character development here is something known as Flaws. Your character can develop Flaws by repeatedly failing at certain tasks, which will debuff certain stats while leaving you with an additional “perk point” to get stronger at something else. There’s still more to be fleshed out here, but the idea of trading an additional skill for a negative trait (like a aversion to fire, for example) is a very interesting one that many gamers are certainly stoked about.

Here’s some additional gameplay footage, courtesy of Game Informer.

Release Date:

Considering the massive gap Fallout 76 and Mass Effect Andromeda have left in their wake, The Outer Worlds couldn’t have come at a better time. Already in development for over two years, Obsidian says it is releasing The Outer Worlds sometime in 2019 (our guess is late next year) for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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