Razer Mercury Edition Quick Look: White gear for your battlestation [Video]

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Razer Mercury edition set on desk

We all know that Razer makes some incredible computers and gaming peripherals. Usually their gear is blacked out with bright green accents, but they have been known to switch it up with some special editions every now and then. In their latest color edition, Razer has gone Mercury White. This clean and stylish line of peripherals doesn’t include every product they make, but it is a nice array that can get you a complete setup all the way from the Razer Blade laptop to the Goliathus Extended Chroma Mousepad. Check out the video below.

Down in my studio I’m using a white desk from Ikea, and the Razer Mercury Edition gear definitely fits the look better than the black Razer gear that I was previously using. The Samsung monitor and Audioengine speakers that I currently have setup are also white. It’s just a cosmetic thing, but certainly a beautiful set that ties well together.

While the Razer gear I have here doesn’t include every single product in the Mercury Edition line-up, today we are taking a quick look at a complete peripheral setup including the Goliathus Extended Chroma mouse pad, Basilisk mouse, Kraken headset, Huntsman keyboard, and Base Station.

Razer Mercury Edition Video:

It does feel like Chroma pops a little bit more on my desk with the Mercury color scheme than the standard black. We did a series highlighting Chroma gear a few months ago with The Chroma Cave, but the Mercury edition pieces seem to display color a little bit more.

Goliathus Extended Chroma Mercury White Mouse Pad

Let’s start off by taking a look at the $60 Gothalius Extended Chroma Mercury White mat. Looking online, it appears that it shares the same light gray pad as the Pink Quartz edition, with the white accents coming out where the cord connects at the upper left.

The Goliathus Extended stretches a massive 36.22-inches long and 11.57-inches deep with Chroma RGB strip all the way around. The border is 1-zone so you won’t be seeing any waves across the mousepad, but the Chroma skirt is a really nice touch.

Basilisk Mercury White Mouse

Next, let’s look at the $70 Basilisk Mercury White mouse. Also a re-skin of the normal black Basilisk, Razer touts the Basilisk as the ultimate ergonomic FPS mouse. Personally, I’ve been using a Deathadder for a long time and more recently the Mamba Elite, but am enjoying the added ergonomic features of the Basilisk as well. Thumb placement is extremely comfortable with the swept rest and slightly rubberized texture.

Another new-to-me feature with the Basilisk is the DPI clutch, which, when depressed, raises the DPI to make fast movement easier. I’m not sure how much I’d actually use it in game, but it’s an interesting feature. The paddle button can also be switched to a smaller paddle or removed and plugged altogether.

Kraken Mercury White Headset

For audio, we have the $80 Kraken Mercury White, a long running headset from Razer. Its wired connection, retractable microphone and included audio / mic splitter allow the Kraken to be used across many different platforms including PC, console and mobile.. The large cans with 50mm drivers deliver frequencies ranging from 12 Hz to 28 kHz.

Huntsman Mercury White Keyboard

A few keyboards are available in the Mercury Edition line-up, and thankfully the $150 Huntsman is one of them. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the standard black Huntsman Elite and absolutely love it. I do wish that the Mercury edition came in the Elite variant because the wrist pad is quite comfortable.

The main benefit of the Huntsman is its use of opto-mechanical switches, which uses light instead of standard metallic connections to trigger input. Check out the second video in the Chroma Cave series, which features the Huntsman Elite, or you can read more about it on Razer’s website.

Base Station Mercury White

And lastly in our Mercury setup we have the $60 Base Station Mercury White. While not a necessary part of a gaming setup, it is super handy to have. It’s always great to have a nice place to display your headset, and the Chroma base looks incredible. The Base Station seems to have the brightest RGB lights of any of the pieces. It’s also handy to have three additional USB ports on the front of the Base Station since all of this Chroma gear takes a USB port.

Everything I have setup here, except the Kraken headset, is Chroma powered to add more color customization. If you want a deeper look at what is possible in Razer Synapse, take a look at part 3 of our Building the Ultimate Chroma Cave series.

Overall I think the Mercury Edition is a great addition to Razer’s line-up. They’ve taken a lot of their popular peripherals and just added some more color options which, for me, fit my setup a bit better. Check out Razer’s site for the full line of Mercury White gear.

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