Lockly Secure Pro Review: Five easy ways to access a smart lock [Video]

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Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt Feature

Home security is constantly changing and with today’s connected devices, new features and products are constantly coming out. The Lockly Secure Pro was an award-winner from CES 2019 with some great features to secure a home, office or rental property. It offers five different ways of controlling your lock. Check out the video below for a look at the best features from this smart lock.

Available in both latch and deadbolt variants, the Secure Pro can be accessed via voice, mobile app, access code, fingerprint, and a traditional key. This makes it convenient for everyday use and easy to share access with friends, family, renters, whoever else might need occasional access.

What makes this Secure “Pro”?

Lockly carries the Secure, Secure Plus and Secure Pro, and Secure Lux (meant for commercial purposes). So what makes the Pro, pro? Included with the Secure Pro is the Secure Link Wifi Hub – granting WiFi control of the lock instead of just the standard Bluetooth connection. This can also be added afterwards to the $250 Secure Plus – but since the WiFi Hub kit is $80 by itself, the $300 Secure Pro offers some bundled savings. The WiFi Hub also includes a wireless door sensor which enables you to know when a door is opened and closed – and can send push notifications when a door is opened and closed.

Getting out of the box

For my house, I’m using the deadbolt version. Inside the box is everything needed for installation – including a template for drilling if you need to provide a hole. If you’ve installed a deadbolt before it’s all pretty straight forward – and even if you haven’t the included instructions are easy to follow.

Lockly Secure Pro: Video

I had a Schlage Camelot deadbolt installed prior to the Lockly. They both used standard types of deadbolt sizing so transferring from the Schlage to the Lockly was simple. Lockly also has YouTube videos of the installation process easily visible on their support page.

In Use

Probably the feature we use the most is the fingerprint unlock. This method is extremely handy and usually functions well. I think every now and then it needs to be wiped down, but otherwise it was easy to add fingerprints and use. Getting into the house is much easier with the capacitive fingerprint reading.

In addition to a wide variety of access options, another feature of the entire Secure line is PIN Genie. which displays a different configuration of numbers on the touch screen every time it is accessed. This helps to eliminate the possibility of others learning your code by watching the pattern of keys you press when unlocking the door. If they try to replicate the pattern, the next time the door is accessed the numbers displayed will be different.

Controlling the Secure Pro via the app is easy to navigate and full of features. I love that everything is accessible and can be changed within the app. From setting up access codes and fingerprints to sharing and removing codes – it is very easy to use. You can quickly generate one time use access codes or set expiration periods so that the codes will only work until a certain time. And with Wifi this can all be done from anywhere at anytime.

Using a smart voice assistant was also easy to setup with the Secure Pro. I have it enabled through Amazon Alexa to lock the door. It’s also possible to have Alexa unlock a door – but this feature is disabled by default and must be setup manually. It also requires a 4-digit passcode to make unlocking your door by voice a bit more secure. I typically leave this feature off – but it is convenient to have another way of controlling the lock. This can also be used with Alexa routines to automate more of your day.

A couple small complaints

The only thing that gets slightly annoying is the way you lock the deadbolt from the outside. It can be handy to just brush you hand over the screen to lock the door, but sometimes we accidentally trigger the lock when coming inside with groceries. Then when we try to shut the door it would be locked so the deadbolt would slam into the door frame. It also doesn’t give a very audible noise from the outside to let you know that it’s been locked. I’d appreciate maybe a physical button to lock, and a more audible beep, like what is played inside, outside to let you know audibly that the lock has been triggered.


Overall, I’ve been really enjoying the Lockly Secure Pro. The fingerprint reader is a very handy way to get in and sharing access to our friends is incredibly simple from anywhere at any time. We’ve been using it for a month or so and the indicated battery level on the app hasn’t even dipped below 100%. It seems like a solid product that is going to last us a long time.

There are plenty of other smart locks on the market. If you want to look at some other ones, check out our recent round up.

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