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Unleash utter havoc on a quiet town in the new Deeeer Simulator, now 10% off

10% off

Following in the hoof-sized footsteps of everyone’s favorite goat game, Deeeer Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game is continuing the tradition of viral and completely ridiculous physics-based indie games. Now available in Early Access on Steam with a nice launch discount, it’s time to lay waste to a peaceful town of silly humans with the only furry gun-toting deer that can. Let the madness ensue down below the fold.

Deeeer Simulator is Here!

Much like the Goat Simulator titles and the recently released Untitled Goose Game, Deeeer Simulator is another one of those low-poly physics game experiments gone wrong, or extremely right, depending on how you look at it. Using “stabby horns” and a “stretchy neck” that can effectively turn you into deer Spider-Man, the only real goal here is to unleash utter chaos on an unassuming video game town.

Ride flying cows and throw a bus across town

The titular deer can build-up momentum before smashing into a tree or anything else that gets in its way. Mr. deer guy also has some unusual supernatural abilities including a dangerous dash attack and the aforementioned web/neck slinging that’s powerful enough to send a bus halfway across town. But that’s nothing really; it gets significantly more ridiculous than that in Deeeer Simulator. Ride a horse or a flying cow, leap a tall building in a single bound, equip head-mounted firearms, check out the King Kong-sized Koalas climbing the skyscrapers, and watch out for those sheep police.

But watch out for the sheep police

Yes, that’s right, an ever-escalating squad of animal police will be hot on your tail in Deeeer Simulator. Adding just a touch of the Grand Theft Auto formula to the mix, as you wreck the town and terrorize its citizens, the more aggressive the town’s non-human law enforcement will be with you. First, a group of sheep is sent your way before a pair polar bears try to end your reign of terror, and so on. It adds an interesting wrinkle to what can sometimes feel like pointless destruction of the helpless cities in these hilarious physics-based sandbox titles.

Beyond that (as if that wasn’t already enough), there are some basic mini-games to distract you from your polygonal destruction and even an interesting multiplayer mechanic. Players can join together to form giant animal transformers with a Rhino body and tigers for arms and an enormous chain gun as a tongue, just for starters.

Deeeer Simulator at 10% off

DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game is available now as early access on Steam for PC.  However, you can purchase the game right now with a nice little 10% discount until January 27, dropping your total to $11.69 (Reg. $13).

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

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