HyperX Cloud Flight S Review: The first Qi charging wireless headset [Video]

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HyperX Cloud Flight S on ChargePlay base

Having a wireless headset for gaming is really great – as long as you remember to charge it. Usually, you need to plug in a micro-USB cable to top off the battery life, and if you don’t, you might be tethered while playing a game so that your headset can recharge. HyperX’s latest headset, the Cloud Flight S, makes refueling in-between games a little more convenient by adding wireless Qi charging. Check out the video below to see it in action.


Design-wise the Cloud Flight S doesn’t stray too far from the older Cloud Flight.  On the bottom of the left earcup, we find the port for the microphone, a micro USB port, power button and LED indicator light, and the 7.1 on/off button. On the right earcup is the volume dial.

One key difference, though, is the four tactile buttons on the outside of the left earcup. Headsets can get kind of cluttered on the earcups with controls. I’ve been using the ATH-G1WL from Audio-Technica for a while and loving it, but there’s a lot going on for controls. But with the four different buttons on the Cloud Flight S, you can turn mic monitoring on or off, mute the microphone, and adjust the game vs. chat sound balance. These buttons are easy to find mid-game so you don’t feel like you have to fumble around or take the headset off to find the right control.


Large cushioned earcups make the Cloud Flight S comfortable for long gaming sessions. They’re also easily adjusted with the steel sliders. The earcups also rotate 90 degrees and give a very satisfying click when the cans are snapped back to their proper position.

Cloud Flight S: Video

At 310g with a wide cushion on the headband, the Cloud Flight S never felt too heavy for hours of gaming. It has good grip as well as doesn’t feel like it will move around or fall off with normal use.

Key Features

Meant for use on PC or PS4, the Cloud Flight S features 2.4Ghz wireless audio and the same 30-hour battery life as the Cloud Flight. Of course, the big feature here is Qi charging. When using it with the HyperX ChargePlay Base, it is seamless and really convenient. When you’re done gaming for the night, just place the Cloud Flight S back on ChargePlay Base and it’s ready to go again next time.

Naturally, this is a premium feature. There are tons of wireless headsets out there, like the ATH-G1WL I’ve been using, but you do have to remember to plug the micro-USB cable back in once you’re done using it. Especially because the 16-hour battery life can run out in a few gaming sessions. But with the Cloud Flight S and ChargePlay Base, the headset always has a home and it’s just as easy to set it down on a Qi charging mat as it is a desk. And, it doesn’t have to be the $60 HyperX branded Qi charger – it works on any Qi charging pad, like this $11 Amazon Choice.

The HyperX Cloud Flight S also supports 7.1-channel surround sound – tuned to prioritize the audio elements that are most important to gamers. I briefly tried this setting, but like with many other headsets that feature surround sound settings, I typically turned it off. I probably just need to spend more time on these settings, but I’ve never really cared for them. It changes the EQ a bit and I’ve never really been a fan of how it sounds.


This was my first time using a HyperX gaming headset and I was really impressed with the sound. The spec sheet rates the frequency response from 10Hz-22kHz, which translates to some deep lows in bass notes or explosions, and crisp clear highs for hearing footsteps. On both sides though, it isn’t too boomy or too harsh – everything feels well balanced.

Mic check

The detachable microphone is also super handy for the Cloud Flight S. If you aren’t planning on chatting, or typically use a different mic, this makes it easy to get out of the way by removing it. As far as headset microphones go, it sounds okay in my opinion. It’s definitely not as dynamic as what a larger dedicated mic would be like the HyperX Quadcast we looked at last year, but it does offer a relatively wide frequency range to make it sound more natural. And if you want some ideas on how to make a gaming headset microphone sound better, check out our tutorial from earlier this year.


Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the HyperX Cloud Flight S wireless headset. It’s taken a lot of what HyperX has already built a name on and added a very convenient feature with Qi charging. Is it completely necessary? Of course not. But is it a pleasure to use? Most definitely. And at $159.99, it’s well priced for the features that it offers.

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