Apex Legends Season 5 comes May 12 with Loba, new quests, and much more

Apex Legends is heading into its fifth season, introducing an all-new legend, quests (more on this in a moment), and a revamped battle pass with Ranked Season 4. Loba made her official appearance today, and we can’t wait to see what skills she packs in the arena. Apex Legends Season 5 starts May 12th, and here’s what we know so far…

Loba makes her appearance in Apex Legends Season 5

We first got our glimpse as to who Loba is in the Season 4 trailer. Her father was killed by Revenant, and we’ve seen quite a few references to this legend throughout Season 4. Now, it’s confirmed, though all we know is what she’ll look like and a minute or so of her backstory.

While we don’t yet have a glimpse into what Loba’s powers will be in Apex Legends, the trailer does showcase that she is a thief by trade and that could have an interesting aspect to it. However, we’ve yet to see exactly what she’ll be able to do, as Respawn is holding that until closer to the release itself.

Season 5 introduces…quests?

Now, if you’ve played Apex Legends at all, then you know about the challenges. You have challenges that rotate through daily, and some that stick the entire season, but the challenge system has been a staple of Apex since it first was announced. However, Season 5 introduces “quests,” and we don’t really know a whole lot about it. We do know that you’ll “hunt for treasure and answers” in the new Season Quest. Plus, if you complete the journey, you’ll be “richly rewarded.” That’s all we know about quests so far, and hopefully, Respawn and EA give us more information on this before May 12th, because I’m dying to know what this is.

Ranked Season 4 and an all-new battle pass

With Season 5 of Apex Legends making its debut, it’s time for Ranked Series 4. That’s right, Ranked gameplay didn’t come out until Season 2 of Apex, so it’s a bit behind. the all-new ranked mode, dubbed Fortune’s Favor. Here’s what Respawn had to say about Season 3/4:

  • Splits are working well. Staying with ~6 weeks of ranked play before a reset
  • Tier and Apex Predator separated worked as intended
  • Reset gave a good incentive to keep playing
  • Switching maps mid-season helped keep things interesting, and will persist

That last bit is what has me the most excited because switching maps mid-season in Ranked really made the game interesting. You couldn’t just get used to one map, instead, having things turned. completely upside-down during the season.

Lots of things aren’t changing this season, the ranking split system, changing maps, and the soft RP reset are all things that Respawn plans on keeping. King’s Canyon will be the starting map, and then World’s edge will be the second map starting on June 23 with the split reset. Scoring, entry RP cost, and assist will be remaining the same as well, as Respawn feels like these features are pretty solid right now.

Respawn also went in-depth on loss forgiveness and what all constitutes being penalized for a loss, and it’s quite a bit of information. In short, just pull up the “Leave Match” screen and if it says anything other than “Leave match?” you’ll get penalized for quitting too early. If you want the more in-depth answer, head on over to the Apex Blog for Respawn’s official definitions and more information.

Reconnect is here in Season 5

Season 5 of Apex Legends introduces a feature that people have been wanting since the game’s release: reconnection. If your game crashes due to a brownout, crash, or internet loss, then just restart the game and if the session you were in is still going on, then you’ll be reloaded right back in. This helps get you into the game quickly and helps you to keep earning more RP. More details on how this will work will be available in the final patch notes of the update in May.

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