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Review: LEGO’s new Art Iron Man set masterfully blends bricks with home decor

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Earlier this summer, LEGO unveiled its latest series of collector-oriented kits with a new lineup of brick-built mosaics. While the entire Art theme is now available, the first of these to launch was the Marvel Studios version, depicting three different versions of Iron Man. Today we’re taking a hands-on look at the new creation to see just how LEGO’s foray into home decor stacks up. Head below the fold for all of the details, as well as our thoughts on the new LEGO Art Iron Man mosaic.

Hands-on with the LEGO Art Iron Man mosaic

Across LEGO’s entire theme of new brick-built mosaics, each of the Art sets includes the ability to assemble one of several designs. For the Iron Man Art kit, LEGO is giving Marvel fans the ability to choose between the classic MK III Iron Man armor, as well as the MK LXXXV suit from Avengers: Endgame and the Hulkbuster. So while you’re getting 3,167-bricks here, only a single one of the portraits can be built at a time.

For this review, I opted to go with the former of the three, assembling the MK III version of Tony Stark’s iconic suit. LEGO also includes the ability to combine three of the mosaics into a single, even larger design if you’re really looking to upgrade your wall art.

Unlike most other kits, the LEGO Art Iron Man build is primarily based around various colors of studs. As you can expect from the Marvel subject matter, this one is primarily comprised of a red and gold color palette, with differing shades included to supplement the design of the portrait. LEGO also introduced a new base plate with its lineup of mosaics, which pairs with some final bricks to build a border around the edge. There’s also Technic elements on the back that double as mounting brackets, but you’ll need to supply your own nails and hardware.

Unique building experience 

Aside from how unique of a kit this is at face value, LEGO has also mixed up the building experience on its theme of brick-built mosaics. If you’ve assembled a kit before, you’ll be familiar with the various pages of piece by piece instructions that ultimately amount to the finished model. But here things are a bit different. Instead, you’re presented with nine pages of instructions per mosaic.

Each of the kits in LEGO’s Art theme can be broken down into nine sections, which are assembled one at a time. Each page has you fill in 16- by 16-stud plate with its required bricks before moving onto the next one. This leads to a slightly more challenging building experience than the average kit, but one that’s definitely more fulfilling. LEGO is often praised for being a great way for older builders to unwind, and the Art Iron Man set delivers on this in a way that other kits really haven’t before.

LEGO completes the building experience with a companion podcast that dives into the origins of Iron man from the comics and beyond. It’s a 90-minute listen that’s a fun added touch to the build, especially if you’re looking for something to enjoy as you build. There’s also a new version of the brick separator, which is particularly helpful if you happen to mess up and need to reposition some studs.

LEGO’s latest delivers peak display-worthiness

Now when it’s all said and done, this may very well be the most display-worthy kit we’ve ever seen from LEGO. Some builds look great in your collection in their own right, even if they aren’t solely intended to be collectibles. Other lean into that with adult-oriented price tags, but even sets like the UCS Millennium Falcon have some play features packed into its authentic reproduction. But with the LEGO Art Iron Man, as well as all of the other mosaics, display-ability is the entire point.

And let me say, LEGO has done a really great job here. I’ve long been a fan of crafting brick-built mosaics myself, and the Art theme delivers really more than I could have ever hoped for from an official set. The final portraits look phenomenal for the size and are about as accurate as can be, all without giving up the LEGO charm.

Value of the LEGO Art Iron Man set

Entering with a $119.99 price tag, the LEGO Art Iron Man set looks outstanding on paper with an impressive $0.04 per brick cost. Sure most of the bricks are studs, but the final product absolutely delivers and ensures you’re getting your money’s worth here.


In the LEGO world, $120 goes a long way. Especially when it comes to Marvel kits. But when it comes to the Iron Man mosaic, there aren’t any better values out there in my book. Some of the other creations may pack more Marvel personalities in minifigure form or directly tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but none are anywhere as worth it as this set.

Final thoughts 

As the latest foray into adult-focused sets, there’s so much to like about the LEGO Art theme. The Iron Man mosaic absolutely nails the mark on value and easily stands out as the most unique way you can decorate your space with bricks. It’s certainly a more ‘appropriate’ way to adorn your walls with LEGO than other collector’s sets.

Aside from just looking great on display, it’s also worth reiterating how unique of a building experience is presented here. Assembling LEGO kits have long been a nice way to tune out the world for me, and the Iron Man mosaic has been the most mediative creation in ages.

This one also stands out in that it’s something I’d easily recommend to veteran LEGO builder and those just getting started alike. It’s a fantastic build no matter what your experience with LEGO is. And if you’re not a massive fan of the Iron Man version, LEGO has a Star Wars, Warhol, and Beatles options that are sure to deliver much of the same brick-built action.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

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