Apex Legends Arenas is a new permanent 3v3 mode coming May 4

Last week, we got our first look at the upcoming Apex Legends Season 9 update, dubbed Legacy this time around. Centered around Valkyrie and her legacy, this update was also rumored to bring an all-new game mode. Well, it’s rumor no more. Apex Legends Arenas is official as of this afternoon, and will be a part of the upcoming Legacy update. So, what will this 3v3 game mode bring and how will it play? Let’s take a closer look.

Apex Legends Arenas is a 3v3 game mode that’s here to stay

We’ve had new game modes come and go throughout the life of Apex legends, but Arenas is here to stay according to Respawn. “It condenses the chaos of 20-squad Battle Royale matches down into more focused 3v3 combat.”

This mode will be added into the normal rotation, except, this time around, we don’t expect that it’ll have long queues due to a spread out user base. While standard Apex Legends games can take upward of 15 to 20 minutes, something that’s 3v3 and only a set number of rounds is likely to play much faster. Given this, people who only have a few minutes to spare but want to get some Apex in will likely opt for a 3v3 session, while those with more time to dedicate will jump into standard duos or trios.

Third parties no more

There are only two squads in the 3v3 mode. Three on one team, three on the other. Seems pretty simple, right? Well, it is.

We’re used to getting third-partied in Apex. Most engagements you enter need to finish up quick so you can heal, loot, and reset for the next battle. However, sometimes things drag out a little longer; there’s a Lifeline constantly getting a res off or maybe a Gibby with his bubble ready to protect the squad. Either way, that third party is around the corner somewhere.

In Apex Legends Arenas, it’s just your team of three verses one other team of three. That’s it. This will let you center your focus on survival and winning the only fight at hand.

The team who conquers three matches takes home the win

It’s a battle of who can win the most matches. Essentially, you’ll need to win three matches and have a lead of two wins to take home the victory. Going 3-2 won’t secure it for you, but 4-2 will. However, if you go 4-3 and then 4-4, there’s a dreaded ninth round that’s sudden death.

Revive your squad for longer games… but no respawn is available

You’ll be able to revive your teammates that go down, but should they die, there’s no respawning available. This makes sense as these games are meant to be faster-paced, and adding respawning in would just extend the games far too long. However, properly placed revives can help lengthen the games just long enough for you to secure victory.

Crafting materials play a bigger role in Apex Legends Arenas

You’ll use crafting materials in Apex Legends Arenas to outfit your Legend. Essentially, at the beginning of each round there’s a buy phase. You’re given a certain amount of crafting materials to start each round, but you can earn more by hitting canisters, gaining kills, or winning the previous round.

You’ll be able to customize your loading by choosing guns, consumables, attachments, and ultimates to use during the match. This resets every round though, so sometimes it’s best to save up and go big at the end for a secured victory.

Apex Legends Arenas launches May 4 with the Legacy update

Apex Legends Arenas will be a part of the Legacy Season 9 update launching on May 4. That’s just a week away, and I can’t wait to play. It’ll be a free update to all platforms.

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