Review: Roccat Kone Pro and Pro Air lightweight ergo gaming mice [Video]

Roccat is aiming high with its latest gaming mice, the Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air. Both mice feature optical switches, a comfortable shell, and weigh in at just 66g for the wired and 75g for the wireless version. Be sure to hit the video below and check out all of the details. 

Design Overview

Measuring in at 125mm x 72mm x 40 mm, the Kone Pro and Pro Air aren’t the smallest mice on the market. They have a similar overall design to a lot of right-handed ergonomic gaming mice like the Razer Deathadder and Glorious Model D. 

But, both mice are designed to be pretty lightweight. At just 66g for the Kone Pro and 75g for the Kone Air Pro, both mice are plenty easy to move around for gaming. They have been an absolute blast to use playing Call of Duty Warzone. 

The lightweight shell has nice indents on the left side of the mouse for easy gripping, and the right side also contours in nice and comfortably. Roccat claims it has refined the shape of the Kone since earlier iterations, and I find it to be a very comfortable mouse. 

Owl-Eye Sensor

Roccat has put its Owl-Eye 19k optical sensor into both the Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air. Tracking and accuracy were great in my experience and gaming with snappy and precise movements.

Roccat Titan Switch Optical

One thing that sets the Kone Pro apart is the inclusion of optical switches. Roccat’s Titan Switch Optical has a satisfying tactile feel and sound and is rated to 100 million clicks. Beyond just durability, Roccat claims faster speed and response rates on its optical switch. 

It does feel fast, but I have a hard time really telling the difference between the speed of different mice. To the professional who needs that fraction of a second response, it might feel faster than other mice. But to me, it does feel fast. I just don’t know that I could pick it out of the competition and tell you that it is faster. 

Roccat Kone Pro and Air: Video

Mouse Wheel

Another notable feature from Roccat is the Titan Wheel Pro. Made out of solid aluminum, it feels light with some nice resistance. It’s not too smooth and not too difficult to move and gives a great click when pressed down. 

Roccat PhantomFlex Cable

Roccat’s PhantomFlex cable provides a pretty flexible connection to the computer. Compared to the Speedflex cable on the Razer Deathadder Mini, they felt pretty similar. I really didn’t notice the wired Kone Pro when playing FPS games. Of course, adding a bungee can also help to make the cable even less noticeable.

Roccat Kone Pro Air: Make it wireless

But, if the cable isn’t what you’re after, the Kone Pro Air cuts the cable for an extra $50. Only adding about 9g to the overall weight, the cord-cutting variant features all of the same high-quality technology as the Kone Pro but sheds the cord with dual wireless. A 2.4Ghz connection provides the quickest signal, but Bluetooth is also convenient for using the mouse with other devices.

Roccat Kone Pro and Air: Aimo RGB 

Both the Kone Pro and Pro Air also feature RGB. Roccat has done this differently than many other gaming mice, though, with lights showing under Mouse 1 and 2 through a thin honeycomb button shell. It gives a nice glow and is pretty bright considering that it is shining through plastic, but the lighting on the Pro Air isn’t quite as bright as the wired version. 

Roccat Swarm

Lighting, button customization, and a few other performance tweaks can all be made within Roccat’s Swarm app. There are four different tabs for settings, button assignment, illumination, and advanced settings. Everything from turning on an energy-saving mode on the Pro Air to adjusting the polling rate and distance control unit is all easy to find and adjust. 

How does it feel? 

I’ve already talked a bit about how the Kone Pro and Pro air feel while gaming, but both really do feel great. The ergonomic shape fits my hand well, and the lightweight design of both mice makes them easy to move when gaming. Hitting shots while playing Warzone felt normal and natural, and it seemed like both mice tracked well with great accuracy. 

9to5Toy’s Take

Overall, Roccat has delivered two pretty great mice with the Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air. If you’re a fan of ergonomic-shaped mice, there really isn’t anything to dislike about them. The switches feel great and are fast thanks to the optical signal, the shape is very comfortable and easy to use, and the lightweight design makes them both a blast to use. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can opt for the $80 wired version or the $130 wireless variant. Both are competitive mice in a growing competitive market. 

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