Ring Doorbell Pro 2 review: More pixels and new 3D detection features [Video]

One of the biggest names in home security, Ring is out with its latest porch protector, the Video Doorbell Pro 2. With upgraded resolution and some new motion detection features, this camera is an upgrade over previous iterations but also packs a hefty price at $249.99. Be sure to hit the video below and check out all of the details. 

Out of the box

Ring always lays everything out well in the package for installation. Included in the box are clearly labeled screws, extenders, and mounts to get the Video Doorbell Pro 2 installed. Also included is an angled standoff to help get the camera to face the right way.

On the bottom of the camera is a security screw that has to be installed and removed with the included tool.

The Video Doorbell Pro 2 comes with a Satin Nickel faceplate and a digital coupon for an additional free faceplate, though I didn’t see what those options are on the website. 

Installing the Ring Doorbell Pro 2

As a wired unit, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 needs existing wiring for power. Installation is well documented in both the included manual as well as through the Ring App. It’s very similar to other video doorbells like the Eufy Video Doorbell and Lorex 2K Video Doorbell

Everything is pretty straightforward, and like all of the other wired video doorbells that I’ve tested, a jumper must be installed at the chime box. Or if there isn’t an existing doorbell, you can opt to purchase a plug-in adapter and run power to the video doorbell that way. 

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2: video

Ring Doorbell Pro 2: video quality 

Ring has upped the video quality in the Doorbell Pro 2. With 1536p, this camera has a wide picture with a “head-to-toe” image. Both of the Ring video doorbells that I’ve tried have had a wide picture that gets a bit of a fisheye look to it similar to the Pro 2. But the picture is clear and makes it easy to see people and motion from the camera. 

HDR mode adds some more color to the image in bright daylight. The view from my front door is rarely in direct sunlight, so turning this on added some nice color in the sky and evened out some exposure but didn’t make a huge difference.

While not blowing away the competition, the night vision on the Video Doorbell Pro 2 also performed well. There is a color night vision mode, which I have enabled, but it doesn’t change the color or my image very much. Even in the preview, the image doesn’t look to change much with this enabled. 

Many motion settings 

What sets the Video Doorbell Pro 2 apart from Ring’s other offerings is its 3D motion detection setting. This can use a satellite image of your house mixed with distance sensors to give you an overhead or “bird’s eye” view of where the motion is taking place. 

There is just a little bit of setup to make this work well. Just move the camera placement around to line up the camera with the location of your doorbell, and then rotate the image to match the video feed. 

You can set a distance to where the camera will detect movement and send notifications that have worked well, in my experience. Additionally, you can create motion zones that will only capture and notify motion in certain areas to cut down on unnecessary notifications. 

You can also turn on a person-only mode where the doorbell will only push notifications if a person is detected. This seemed to work really well. The only instance that seemed to give it issues was one extra-windy night where a few branches were moving and the doorbell sent quite a few notifications. 

Ring Protect

People Only Mode is a feature that requires Ring Protect. This $3-a-month service unlocks quite a few features for the Video Doorbell Pro 2. If you aren’t interested in monthly fees, check out some of the competition like the Eufy Video Doorbell or the Lorex, which both have impressive detection features and local storage without a monthly charge. 

If you’re unsure whether you want Ring Protect, the doorbell does come with a 30-day trial. For me, being able to view previous events and having People Only Mode was a huge benefit of the Video Doorbell Pro 2. If you get a Ring doorbell, Ring Protect is well worth the $3 to unlock all of the features.

Ring Doorbell Pro 2: Alexa greetings

In addition to 3D motion detection, another new feature with the Video Doorbell Pro 2 is the ability to enable Alexa Greetings. With this setting enabled in the app, Alexa can answer the doorbell to take a message or instruct a carrier where to place a package. 

If enabling Alexa doesn’t sound like something you want to use, you can also use quick responses from the Pro 2. Ring has programmed default responses like, “Hi! We’ll be right there!” and, “Thanks for stopping by. If you’d like to leave a message, you can do it now.” A Ring Protect subscription is required to review recorded messages. 

9to5Toys’ Take

Overall, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 adds some neat features to the lineup of porch-protecting hardware, but I don’t know that I find a huge benefit in them. If you prefer to have Alexa answer the door, that’s great, but for me, I’m fine with a more standard operation. Likewise, with the 3D motion detection and bird’s-eye view, I didn’t see a massive benefit to this type of tracking. In my door setup, it didn’t add much more information to recorded videos.

I do love the video quality, though. The image is crisp, clear, and wide enough to catch all of the action around my front door. Motion and person tracking also worked very well, and I love the look of the Video Doorbell Pro 2. 

Buy Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

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