Review: LEGO Slave 1 delivers a downsized Boba Fett’s starship with a Mandalorian twist

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The latest wave of new LEGO Star Wars creations just dropped yesterday, and today we’re taking a look at one of the just released builds. As the latest iteration of Boba Fett’s iconic starship, the new LEGO Slave 1 enters with over 590 pieces in order to deliver a downsized version complete with two notable minifigures. Head below for a closer look at the build, how it compares to previous versions, and our thoughts on whether it’s worth adding to your collection.

Hands-on with the latest LEGO Slave 1

Scaled-down starships have largely been the name of the game with the 2021 LEGO Star Wars lineup. We’ve seen plenty of the classic ships from the Original Trilogy getting the treatment, and now for the latest wave have yet another to assemble. 

Entering with 593 pieces, the newest rendition of Boba Fett’s Starship, the Slave 1, enters as the smallest version of the iconic ship we’ve seen in quite some time. That notably has the perk of delivering the most affordable version in over a decade at $49.99. The last iteration entered with a going rate that was nearly two and a half times the cost, so this is certainly a bargain for those looking to bring the ship into their collection.

So how does it actually stack up this time around? Let’s dive in to all of the pros and cons.

That entry-level price point does come with the trade-off, though, of being quite small compared to other models in the same range. The latest LEGO X-Wing matched its price tag but enters with a much larger footprint, thanks to how the actual ships differ in their designs. So while there’s quite a bit of detail, the LEGO Slave 1 lacks some of the shelf presence you’ll find elsewhere in the current lineup.

I’m sure that many will end up finding those intricacies to be a worthy trade-off. There’s plenty of little details scattered throughout the build that give it more of an authentic appearance ranging from different shades of bricks used to give it some wear and tear to its signature accent colors of tan and red.

Not all of the included bricks have been thoughtfully used, though, as a decent portion of pieces are used to assemble a secondary LEGO build to the Slave 1 itself. A little cart of sorts that doubles as a stand is included, which certainly adds to the play features for younger builders, but adds to the price. All of the other ways you can interact with the ship are certainly good enough on their own, and forgoing this add-on build would have gone a long way to bringing down the price or adding details to the ship itself.

Speaking of play features, there are plenty of interesting inclusions that I’m surprised made it into a ship of this scale. While the cockpit doesn’t rotate, the set designer still managed to allow the Slave 1’s wings to automatically turn as it takes off. There’s also a little hatch on the bottom for Boba Fett to place in a bounty who has been frozen in Carbonite, which is a nice touch as well.

Another big selling point of the set is going to be the minifigures, which are quite detailed as well. Fitting for the set due to this LEGO Slave 1 being based around the Disney+ series, you’ll find an older Boba Fett alongside The Mandalorian in Beskar armor. Both have some pretty nice prints on the torsos, with Boba being exclusive to the set.

That’s about where the praise ends for the minifigs, as Boba Fett looks a bit rushed. The color of the helmet just isn’t quite right and given that the set was originally supposed to be based around the Original Trilogy, it seems like the LEGO designers changed the figure at the last second and didn’t have time to swap in a new mold. That’s on the more nitpicky side, but it’s worth highlighting among some of the other letdowns.

9to5Toys’ Take

So where does that leave the verdict on the most recent LEGO edition of the Slave 1? I’m ultimately a fan of the set just out of giving fans the most affordable price point in years to bring home Boba Fett’s ship, although it does have some problems.

The part count actually provides a really solid value with the two minifigures thrown in, but the final model doesn’t end up feeling substantial enough. Both the X-Wing and TIE Fighter from earlier in the year have a big presence to them, despite being compact versions of the ships, and by comparison, the Slave 1 shares much of that scaled-down approach. Though where it differs is not backing that with the same presence as the others.

Anyone looking to bring the Slave 1 to their LEGO collection will find this to be a pretty notable set for the price and a solid value with all that you get. But if you’re just looking for the best value among the current lineup, the other starfighters we mentioned above are certainly worth a look; especially considering they can be picked up on sale right now.

Of course, if you already own any of the recent LEGO versions, there’s no reason to pick the latest 2021 Slave 1 up. Its predecessor, the 20th anniversary model, was a much better all-around build, even if it was over twice the cost. That being said, there is certainly lots of value for being able to grab Mando, Boba Fett, and the iconic ship at the $50 price point with how popular The Mandalorian has been.

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