Check out all of LEGO’s new August 2021 sets: Star Wars, Marvel, Nintendo, much more

The LEGO Group is launching its largest creation of new sets for August, with over 70 creations to assemble. Ranging fro the latest builds from the Star Wars universe to the long-awaited debut of the Marvel Infinity Saga collection, there are a massive selection of builds on tap. Head below for the full scoop on all of the new LEGO sets available for August, which are now available for purchase.

LEGO fans have already had quite a few new collections of kits launch throughout 2021 so far, but a new month has arrived, and that means even more models to assemble. You’ll still find highlights of the JanuaryMarchApril, and June waves in our previous coverage, but for now, it’s time to sift through all of the just-released builds. There are quite a few highly anticipated kits making a debut today, headlined by the latest UCS Star Wars set to the Marvel Infinity Saga collection, and much more.

You can check out the entire collection right here, or continue reading as we break down the best of what’s now available from LEGO. And don’t forget that orders over $200 will lock-in a free LEGO Ideas Sailboat gift with purchase, as well as all of the other promotions right here.

All of the sets are now officially available for purchase!

Star Wars

Headlining all of the new sets for August, the LEGO Group is rolling out the latest collection of creations from a galaxy far, far away for summer. Ranging from the Prequel Trilogy to The Mandalorian, there are a total of eight all-new sets.

As the flagship set this time around, the UCS Republic Gunship arrives with 3,292 pieces as the most expensive set at $349.99. After being voted in by fans back in early 2020, this UCS kit delivers one of the first builds centered around the Clone Wars in quite some time. There are also seven other LEGO Star Wars summer sets making a debut today, which you can check out down below.

  • Imperial Light Cruiser: $159.99 | 1,336 pieces
  • Bad Batch Attack Shuttle: $99.99 | 969 pieces
  • Darth Vader Meditation Chamber: $69.99 | 663 pieces
  • Mandalorian Starfighter: $59.99 | 544 pieces
  • Boba Fett’s Starship: $49.99 | 593 pieces
  • Imperial Armored Marauder: $39.99 | 478 pieces
  • The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge: $29.99 | 258 pieces


Over on the Marvel side of the Disney LEGO sets, we’re finally getting all of the long-awaited Infinity Saga sets. We’ve previously reviewed some of the kits, including the lineup’s headliner, the Guardians’ Ship which enters a $149.99. This 1,901-piece set assembles the most detailed version of the Benatar yet complete with plenty of authentic details.

Depicting several iconic moments from throughout the origins of the MCU, there are eight additional new sets joining the LEGO lineup for August. Check them all out down below.

  • Avengers: Endgame Final Battle: $69.99 | 527 pieces
  • Infinity Gauntlet: $69.99 | 590 pieces
  • Iron Monger Mayhem: $39.99 | 479 pieces
  • Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man: $34.99 | 369 pieces
  • Bro Thor’s New Asgard: $29.99 | 265 pieces
  • Captain Carter & The Hydra Stomper: $29.99 | 343 pieces
  • Black Panther Dragon Flyer: $19.99 | 202 pieces
  • Captain America and Hydra Face-Off: $9.99 | 49 pieces


Nintendo is also back for August with a new batch of LEGO kits, opting to expand its lineup of video game-inspired Super Mario builds. Notably bringing Luigi into the action to join Mario who made a debut last year, the collection is headlined by a new Starter Course at $59.99 complete with an electronic Luigi figure and 280 pieces.

There are also a handful of other new builds joining the lineup that look to bring new locations and characters from the Mario world into brick-built form. With four different expansion sets being joined by the latest character pack filled with various baddies from the in-game universe, you’re also looking at two additional Power-Up packs for giving Mario or Luigi some new looks. Check everything out down below.

  • Bowser’s Airship: $99.99 | 1,152 pieces
  • Reznor Knockdown: $69.99 | 862 pieces
  • Lakitu Sky World: $39.99 | 484 pieces
  • Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower: $29.99 | 231 pieces
  • Frog Mario Power-Up Pack: $9.99 | 11 pieces
  • Bee Mario Power-Up Pack: $9.99 | 13 pieces
  • Character Packs – Series 3: $4.99 | 24 pieces


If the video game action from Nintendo isn’t enough for you, the LEGO Group is rolling those virtual inspirations over to a new collection of Minecraft sets. With five new sets entering into the August lineup, the LEGO Modern Treehouse is certainly a highlight thanks to its modular design and 909 included pieces. While this one enters at the $119.99 price point, there are also some more affordable builds to check out down below.

  • The Sky Tower: $59.99 | 565 pieces
  • The Jungle Abomination: $39.99 | 389 pieces
  • The Ruined Portal: $29.99 | 316 pieces
  • The Horse Stable: $19.99 | 241 pieces


Even with Star Wars and Disney sets headlining the new lineup of LEGO builds for August this year, the company still has a collection of other builds coming out. Notably giving Mickey Mouse the star treatment he devices, there are a series of six new builds to assemble with the iconic characters. That’s alongside four Disney Princess sets to complete the collection.

  • Minnie’s House and Café: $49.99 | 91 pieces
  • Mickey and Friends Fire Truck and Station: $39.99 | 144 pieces
  • Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck’s Farm: $29.99 | 118 pieces
  • Mickey Mouse’s and Minnie Mouse’s Space Rocket: $19.99 | 88 pieces
  • Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop: $19.99 | 100 pieces 
  • Mickey Mouse’s Propeller Plane: $9.99 | 59 pieces
  • Belle and the Beast’s Castle: $79.99 | 505 pieces
  • Belle and Rapunzel’s Royal Stables: $49.99 | 239 pieces
  • Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Wonderland: $39.99 | 154 pieces
  • Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Tiana’s Storybook Adventures: $24.99 | 130 pieces

Botanical Garden

The LEGO Group’s popular new theme that launched at the year, its Botanical Garden series, is seeing another addition come August with the new Bird of Paradise set. Entering at $99.99, this 1,173-piece set stands over 18 inches high while recreating the unique plant.


When it comes to massive brick-built vehicles, August is seeing a pair of new LEGO Technic trucks debut. Complete with motorized and pneumatic features, there’s a Heavy-duty Tow Truck being joined by a Mercedes-Benz icon. Get a closer look in our launch coverage and then check out both builds below.

  • 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck: $299.99 | 2,110 pieces
  • Heavy-duty Tow Truck: $149.99 | 2,017 pieces


Fans of the Creator lineup also have plenty to enjoy this time around, as the new collection of LEGO sets for August is headlined by the Volkswagen T2 Camper Van. Entering as the latest iconic vehicle to join the lineup, this 2,207-piece set clocks in at the $179.99 price tag complete with a retro light blue design and plenty of fitting accessories.

There are also some new Creator 3-in-1 sets joining the lineup, which you can check out down below.

  • Medieval Castle: $99.99 | 1,426 pieces
  • Ferris Wheel: $79.99 | 1,002 pieces
  • Space Shuttle Adventure: $39.99 | 486 pieces
  • Crocodile: $29.99 | 454 pieces
  • Fish Tank: $29.99 | 352 pieces


  • Wildlife Rescue Camp: $99.99 | 503 pieces
  • Wildlife Rescue Operation: $89.99 | 525 pieces
  • Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader: $49.99 | 157 pieces
  • Wildlife Rescue ATV: $9.99 | 74 pieces


  • La Catrina: $9.99 | 141 pieces
  • Hamster: $14.99 | 243 pieces
  • Ginger Tabby: $14.99 | 269 pieces
  • Cockatiel: $14.99 | 219 pieces


After heading to the Islands with a new collection earlier in the year, LEGO Ninjago is back for the August wave with some new Seabound kits. With a total of six creations making an appearance, the $199.99 Hydro Bounty is one of the highlights. Complete with 1,159 pieces, we noted it was one of the five sets that we were most looking forward to out of the entire LEGO summer 2021 lineup.

Check out all of the LEGO Ninjago August sets down below:

  • Temple of the Endless Sea: $99.99 | 1,060 pieces
  • Water Dragon: $69.99 | 737 pieces
  • Fire Dragon Attack: $49.99 | 563 pieces
  • Ninja Sub Speeder: $39.99 | 356 pieces
  • Lloyd’s Hydro Mech: $19.99 | 228 pieces

Alongside all of the Seabounds sets, the LEGO Group is expanding the stable of its in-house theme with three other Ninjago creations.

  • Ultra Sonic Raider: $79.99 | 725 pieces
  • Final Flight of Destiny’s Bounty: $39.99 | 147 pieces
  • Kai’s Blade Cycle: $9.99 | 54 pieces


  • Halloween Owl: $14.99 | 228 pieces
  • Spider & Haunted House Pack: $9.99 | 132 pieces


And finally for all of the new August creations, the LEGO Group is debuting its third collection of augmented reality VIDIYO sets. There are a total of five kits launching, which look to expand the lineup of music-inspired builds. Though give the theme’s current state, this launch couldn’t have entered at a worse time considering LEGO VIDIYO has gone on a temporary hiatus.

  • The Boombox: $99.99 | 996 pieces
  • Punk Pirate Ship: $59.99 | 615 pieces
  • K-Pawp Concert: $49.99 | 513 pieces
  • Candy Castle Stage: $29.99 | 344 pieces
  • Robo HipHop Car: $29.99 | 387 pieces

9to5Toys‘ take:

The first half of the year hasn’t been exactly the most packed with new LEGO sets compared with what we’ve come to expect from past years, but August is finally here to deliver. With the largest selection of builds released throughout 2021, there are plenty of new kits to assemble this summer including everything from Star Wars to Marvel, Minecraft, and more.

What builds will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments below.

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