Review: Wyze Lock Bolt delivers an affordable Bluetooth fingerprint deadbolt [Video]

We got our hands on the new Wyze Bolt Lock. Taking things a bit further than the Wyze Lock we reviewed over two years ago, the Wyze Lock Bolt features a numeric keypad as well as a fingerprint scanner to make unlocking a deadbolt even easier. And coming in at just $70 ($80 on Amazon), it’s much more affordable than a lot of the competition. While it doesn’t feature Wi-Fi, it does have quite a few handy features. Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details. 

One interesting thing about the Wyze Lock Bolt is that there aren’t any color options; it comes in black and that’s it. Otherwise, it has a simple modern design to it. On the outside, there is no key slot so that helps to tidy things up. That also means that there is no lock to pick. The keypad is backlit for easy use at night. 

On the inside, the lock is a bit larger but still fairly clean overall. There is a physical lock for the deadbolt. 


Set up can go pretty quickly, but if you don’t have a deadbolt already installed or at least holes drilled, it can take a bit longer. Luckily, Wyze does provide a template that helps line up where to drill those holes if needed. 

For me, I was replacing a standard deadbolt which made the setup process quick and easy. Wyze also has instructions with video demonstrations built into the app when you add a Wyze Lock Bolt to your devices. If I ever had a question, it was easy to find the answer just by watching a short video clip.

Wyze Lock Bolt: Video

App controls

The final part of the setup is selecting a four-digit code that can be used to unlock the door as well as scanning a fingerprint to use to unlock the Wyze Lock Bolt. 

Once set, the app allows for changing access settings which include creating users, adding additional fingerprints, and even setting user-specific access codes. You can also set scheduled access times if you only want people to be able to access the lock at certain times. 

An auto-lock mode can be enabled with different time increments if you want the lock to take care of itself. Auto-lock can also be disabled during certain hours if you want it to remain open during the day, for example. 

No peeking

Another safety feature is the “anti-peep” tech. You can enter random numbers before and after your code to help prevent anyone from seeing what numbers you entered are your actual code; so long as your code is entered at any point in a long stream of numbers, just hit the unlock button after and the lock will open. 

No Wi-Fi

One big difference to the older Wyze Lock is that the Wyze Lock Bolt doesn’t have Wi-Fi, which means it can’t be unlocked remotely. You’ll need to be close enough to it to connect via Bluetooth. From what I can tell, that also means you can’t use it in Wyze’s rules like having the lights turn on when the lock is opened. For that functionality, you’ll need the older Wi-Fi-connected Wyze Lock. 

Wyze Lock Bolt: In action

In my experience so far, unlocking the Wyze Lock Bolt is seamless with both the number pad and the fingerprint scanner. It’s quick in both situations. 

On the older Wyze Lock, the optional number pad felt like a budget accessory. But on the Lock Bolt, it feels very solid. The buttons are different as well – they have a little more resistance and a better tactile feel. 

After having used the Lockly Secure Pro for quite a while, I do like the ergonomics of the Lockly a bit more for using the fingerprint scanner. On the Lockly, it’s to the side of the lock. On the Wyze, it’s right in front near the top and it’s a little bit more awkward to get my finger against that reader. Now, it’s not a huge issue, but since I’ve used the other smart deadbolt before, that’s the design that I prefer. But, the Lockly Secure Pro is significantly more expensive at $250.  

Battery life

Wyze claims up to 12 months of battery life on the Lock Bolt from the four included AA batteries. Once the battery gets low, the indicator will flash red as a reminder. If the battery does completely drain, there is a USB-C port on the bottom that can temporarily power on the lock so that you can enter your passcode and unlock the door. 

9to5Toys’ Take

While Wyze has had a few issues with security, it still offers some very affordable products. For the Wyze Lock Bolt, with the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity, I would assume this would be a little safer. 

For the $70 price tag, the Wyze Lock Bolt looks stylish, is easy to set up, and works well from my experience so far. Maybe I’ll follow up after I need to do my first battery replacement but for now, I’m happy to have it on the door of my garage. 

Buy Wyze Lock Bolt

Buy on Amazon – $80

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