LEGO’s upcoming Ideas ‘The Office’ set teased ahead of October 1 launch

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Update: The LEGO Group has now officially revealed the new Dunder Mifflin set. Check it out here.

Taking to Twitter today, the LEGO Ideas team has cleverly teased the latest creation from the fan-made community. First announced last fall after hitting 10,000 supporters on the platform, the LEGO Office set based around NBC’s hit mockumentary was confirmed to be in the works. Now nearly a year later, builders won’t have too much longer to wait in order to assemble a LEGO version of Dunder Mifflin.

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LEGO The Office set joining the Ideas lineup this October

After just seeing the 1,600-piece Jazz Quartet set launch last month, the LEGO Group is now preparing for the next addition to its Ideas collection. In what will likely be one of the most long-awaited creations to ever hit the community-driven platform, a kit themed around The Office will be arriving later this fall after its successful run on the Ideas site.

Ahead of an official reveal of the LEGO The Office set, 9to5Toys can now confirm a few key aspects of the set. We’ll likely be seeing the LEGO Group reveal the upcoming build early next week following today’s funny teaser on Twitter, but in the meantime we can share a bit more information on the build’s release and pricing.

After having to wait from last year’s confirmed that the set was in the works, fans will be happy to hear that the upcoming LEGO The Office set will be dropping on October 1. That’ll push the model back from the massive wave of sets landing on August 1 as part of the official summer wave, and should bring a bit more fanfare to the launch of the Ideas set in that it won’t be overshadowed by the latest from Star Wars or Marvel.

Pricing is another aspect that builders have to look forward too. The second I saw the teaser today my first thought was just how expensive the kit was going to be, especially given the recent price hikes hitting most LEGO sets this fall. So I was already bracing for the worst.

Now a source familiar with the matter has let 9to5Toys know that the LEGO The Office kit will retail for $99.99. There is one stipulation here in that this could be the pre-increase price tag. In which case the build will sell for around $119.99. With how inconsistent the LEGO Group has been about rolling out the new prices to sets, we’ll have to wait for an official reveal for confirmation. But that pricing range does reveal what to expect from the part count of the upcoming creation.

What to expect from a LEGO version of Dunder Mifflin?

Whether it’s $100 or a little more, the LEGO The Office kit will be the largest of these sitcom-based sets that are kickstarted through the Ideas platform. We first saw the Friends Central Perk set at $60 which was then joined by last year’s Seinfeld set that brought Jerry’s apartment into brick-built form for $80. Now stepping up another $20 or so, the Dunder Mifflin built will be largest of the batch.

Extrapolating from those previous sitcom sets and just the overall build we’d expect to see from a LEGO recreation of Dunder Mifflin, a roughly 1,300-piece kit seems the most likely. That’ll give the LEGO Group plenty of bricks in order to assemble the iconic office space, complete with everything from Pam’s reception desk to Michael’s setup and the rest of the cast’s desks.

Speaking of, the minifigures that are included in the LEGO The Office set is the biggest unknown. Core characters from the series like Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Beesly, and Dwight Schrute are all but confirmed at this point, but whether we’re get the full cast at a roughly $100 price point is the real question. At roughly $100, the LEGO Group will have to strike a solid balance between the part count and the included figures.

Regardless of if we get the entire layout or every single member of Dunder Mifflin in LEGO form, expect the set to be absolutely packed with references to different episodes of the show. There are really too many iconic moments to choose from, but it seems pretty safe to say that we’ll have some form of Jim’s prank of putting Dwight’s stapler in jello much like the LEGO Ideas teaser post.

I would personally love to see a Kevin minifigure complete with his signature chili. But if the LEGO Group really wanted to take the Office set to the next level, they would include a secondary head for Jim that on top of portraying John Krasinski’s standard version of the character, would also allow you to swap Randall Park’s brief stunt as the paper salesman in.

What moments would you like to see captured in LEGO form for the upcoming set from The Office? Let us know over on Twitter or in the comments below.

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