Review: Here’s how LEGO’s new Commander Cody, Captain Rex, and Boushh helmets stack up

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Over the past few years, we’ve been annually reviewing the new additions to the LEGO Group’s collection of new Star Wars helmet sets. Back at the start of March, we saw the company officially launch three new additions to the lineup with some iconic Clone Wars characters finally getting the brick-built treatment alongside one of the more unique faces from Return of the Jedi for its 40th anniversary. So if you’re still on the fence, we’re taking a hands-on look to see how the new LEGO Commander Cody, Captain Rex, and Boushh helmets stack up.

Hands-on with LEGO’s new Star Wars helmets

Back with the fourth installment of the series, the LEGO Group expanded its collection of brick-built helmets back on the first of the month. As has become tradition over the years, the company launched three different characters into the collection with the usual display-worthy designs. Joining the likes of other icons in the Star Wars universe like Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and even newer favorites of the Mandalorian, the new batch arrives as the most unique assortment yet.

Headlining the new LEGO Star Wars helmets are the very first characters from the Clone Wars era of a galaxy far, far away. We’ve seen the company branch out from the core Original Trilogy characters in previous years with the inclusion of builds inspired by Disney+ series like The Mandalorian, but now we’re finally getting some love for the prequels. Two of the most iconic Clone Troopers from the series are getting their dues, with Commander Cody being joined by Captain Rex.

Then to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, the LEGO Group rounds out the trio of new helmets with the debut of Boushh. This helmet returns to the theme’s roots of recreating a character from the original films, and a more obscure one at that.

Across the board, though, you’re look at largely the same overall kits. Each one rests upon a built-in black display stand that is adorned with a name plaque bearing the character’s designation. All three also arrive at the $69.99 price point, which we’re checking out to see if is actually worth the cash on each build.

A closer look at the LEGO Commander Cody helmet

We’ll start with the new LEGO Commander Cody Helmet. The vibrant orange details demand the Star Wars helmet collection, drawing nice contrast to the sleek white base of the rest of the build. Arriving as set number 75350, this fits right in the middle of the new kits with 766 pieces. It assembles Commander Cody in his Phase I armor, complete with the more simplistic design that you’d expect from the Episode II aesthetic.

But the build is far from simple, with some complex building techniques that really elevate this from your standard helmet. So while it’s the most plain of the three new additions to the LEGO Star Wars helmet series for 2023, it’s one of the more intricate models that have ever joined the collection.

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There’s something about just how sleek the final model is that almost feels like it defies some foundational rule of LEGO. The jawline is a perfect example, with some subtle curves that slowly stack up to assemble the distinct look of the original Clone Troopers. Of course, all of the orange accenting is also a very nice touch, too. I love how the visor turned out, and that could nearly be said for the antenna on the side. But I really do wish that the LEGO Group would have made an orange version of the joint that holds up the receiver, as it just sticks out a little too much as is. Otherwise, this build is as good as it gets from the collection.

Captain Rex also gets the LEGO helmet treatment

Jumping to arguably the most recognizable Clone Trooper, fans of The Clone Wars will find the Captain Rex helmet to be an even more notable addition to their LEGO collections. This helmet is of course visually different than Cody’s with some different markings, but the company also went as far to deliver an entirely different base build, too.

While the Commander Cody helmet sports a design for the original Clones, the Rex counterpart skips forward to assemble a Phase II version of the armor. That gives the LEGO Captain Rex helmet a much more distinct design compared to the orange stylings of his commanding officer, while also keeping the lineup from being all too repetitive.

Set number 75349 stacks up to 854 pieces and arrives as the larget of the 2023 LEGO Star Wars helmets. It notably rocks the signature 501st markings for Captain Rex, which are incorporated into the build fairly well. We’ve come to expect a lot of unique parts usage and techniques to pull off the iconic likeness of various characters from past reviews, but this has to be one of the most intricate examples yet.

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For all of those details though, there is one small issue that keeps the helmet from being a flawless depiction of Captain Rex. The clone’s mouth is just a little too small when compared to the source material, an issue that hardly matters in the grand scheme of this review. But still, it’s something to note given the LEGO Group’s branding as being a collectors item.

Bousch represents the Original Trilogy

Rounding out the collection is Bousch, a character that’s a bit unlike anything we’ve seen from the LEGO Star Wars helmet series so far. As of now, every character that has entered the lineup has been one of the most iconic faces that appears in the respective film or series. Whether it’s Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, Din Djarin and a Death Trooper, or the Clone Troopers above, all of them are a bit more recognizable.

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Though to hardcore Star Wars fans, Princesses Leia’s Boushh disguise from Return of the Jedi fits the bill for that, and the LEGO version certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree. Build number 75351 stacks up to 670 pieces and if not already different from the other two helmets in the series as is, is the one LEGO-exclusive kit from the wave. It’s the smallest of the collection, but makes up for that with a near flawless rendition of the source material.

In particular, I simply adore the brown color scheme in comparison to the other models we’ve seen from the collection over the years. It stands out so much compared to every other kit that has graced the lineup so far, and for that alone this one is worth a spot on your shelf. The greeblings aren’t bad either, with some fun details that break up the sleek curves of the Boushh helmet.

9to5Toys’ Take

With another year of LEGO helmets in the books from the Star Wars universe, there are rumors that these are to be some of the very last additions to the lineup. As far as which of these are most worth your cash, it largely comes down to which characters you have the most affinity for. The $70 price tags aren’t atrocious by any means, and easily justifiable for Commander Cody, Captain Rex, and Boushh alike.

But if you’re looking at it under a finer lens than will you be happy with your purchase for $70, there’s a bit more to look into. Both of the Clone Trooper helmets for me are the real stars of the show, and easily worth the cash at retail, let alone with a discount attached in a few months.

But if you’re dead set on bringing Boushh to your collection and can wait a bit, scoring a discount isn’t a bad idea. We likely aren’t going to see a cash price cut any time soon, but the double VIP points promotion that’ll arrive for LEGO’s May the 4th festivities is sure to be a notable chance to score the helmet with a little extra incentive.

And if this really is the final wave to enter the LEGO Star Wars helmet series, they really picked a spectacular send off for the theme. These are easily the most unique and detailed additions to the lineup since its inception back in 2020, and are easily some of my favorites amongst the entire lineup.

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