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It looks like EA Games is feeling a bit left out of yesterday’s high-profile 5th Anniversary App Store sale.  Today you can grab a free download of three of their top iOS games: Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge, The Sims Medieval.  There is no word how long the sale will last so fire up your iTunes and get downloading.

Dead Space, Free (Reg. $7) for iPhone / iPad

Mirror’s Edge, Free (Reg. $10) for iPhone / iPad

The Sims Medieval, Free (Reg. $5) for iPhone / iPad

Flight Control, Free for iPhone / iPad

Peggle, Free for the first time ever for iPhone / iPad


Digital Download for PC: Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Standard Edition $5 (Reg. $20)

Digital Download for Mac/PC: The Walking Dead $10 (Reg. $25)

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