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Amazon is hardly the first Cloud Storage provider to throw their hat in the special offer arena, in fact it seems like the cool thing to do these days. With that in mind, it’s worth noting that Amazon is throwing its hat into the proverbial free cloud storage offer with 50GB of storage with the purchase of over 100 carrier-branded Android smartphones.

The company says “select” smartphones, but it looks to be just about every phone we were coming across. Taking advantage of the offer is very simple, just select the phone, purchase and watch the free storage appear within 10 days. The 50GB of storage will be added on top of the already available 5GB of free space included with every purchase.

Now for the caveat, the storage is only good for 12 months so when midnight hits one year from now, or December 31st of 2014 at 11:59pm you’ll end up like Cinderella. Amazon has the full terms and conditions available with purchase, but considering their holiday pricing on some of the most popular smartphones…this looks like the cloud storage deal of the season.

Amazon Cloud Storage offer

Via Android Police

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One Response to “Amazon offering 50GB free Cloud Storage with “select” smartphone purchases”

  1. Rick Faced says:

    I found their desktop app very limiting. One year limitation is petty for a large corporation. No way to select folders for syncing. It’s all or nothing. I use Copy instead. It starts you off with 20 gigs and allows for more features.