Motorola has just announced via its Twitter account that it will be offering the Moto X without contract for $100 off on January 27th. The deal will apply to any Moto X, meaning that the 16GB will run just $299 and the 32GB will cost $349. The catch, however, is that the deal will only run for one hour and “while supplies last.” The offer will be available from 3PM ET to 4PM ET on the 27th of January.

Motorola also notes that, until Valentine’s Day (February 14th), the Moto X will be available for $70 off, should you miss out on the $100 off offer. That means that the 16GB model will be available for $330 and the 32GB for $380 It looks like that offer will kick in after the $100 off deal sells out on the 27th.

These are certainly amazing deals. Let’s just hope that these sales go better than the Cyber Monday deal the company attempted to hold…

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One Response to “Motorola offering Moto X for $100 off on January 27, $299 off-contract”

  1. What! Just bought 2 christmas time coulda saved $100. Man this so sucks especially after they put me through the ringer to get one (wife’s sailed through fine). Apparately Motorola feels buying a phone from them should be more grueling then getting a top clearance job with the NSA. It had to go to a special unreachable dept that took them 5 days to do God knows what. All for my secuirity and because i commited a horrible crime by using the same email to buy both phones. Motorola, people have email addresses just for online purchases and an entire family does use that email for online purchases. This plus what they put me through ruinning my christmas is going to push me away from ever buying a motorola phone ever again. I just set them up today and i think i might have gotten 2 lemons as they both require a considerable amount of pressure for it to register my touch. Also strange my wife’s phone came with kit kat 4.4 pre-flashed, mine which came over a week later had 4.2.2. Also motomaker if you are reading this please use a plastic protective sheet on the back of the phone as you do on the front. Don’t want my new custom colored back plate getting scratched.