ShopRunner-freeShopRunner is a service similar to Amazon Prime that charges a yearly membership fee that grants free 2-day shipping. The big difference is that ShopRunner works with dozens of online retailers including Neiman Marcus, MacMall, Toys R Us,, and others. For a limited time, current Amazon Prime members can get a free year of ShopRunner ($79 value) by using this special promo link. Only available to new members (*cough* or new emails). Don’t forget to cancel auto-renew if you do not plan to re-up after your free year. Note: The T&C of the promo state that you must submit proof of Prime membership within 24 hours of signing up. (Updated)

How to submit proof of Amazon Prime membership:

2. Log in if necessary
3. Click on “View printable receipt”
4. Copy the full receipt.
5. Open a new email addressed to
Paste the receipt into the body of the email and hit send.
Make sure to send it from your ShopRunner registered email address.
6. Paste the receipt into the body of the email and hit send.

Yesterday’s big news was that Amazon is going to increase the yearly fee for regular and student Prime by 25%. New members have until next week to activate a trial and lock in the lower rates ($39 for students, $79 for regular), while current members can only do this if their membership is up for renewal before 4/17.

Luckily, LifeHacker discovered a workaround that they say will allow all current members (regardless of renewal date) to lock in the lower rates for one more year:

1. Disable auto-renew on your Prime account. Update: It seems like Amazon might have temporarily removed the option to cancel your membership online. If you’re having trouble, you can still follow the rest of the steps and cancel your auto-renewal at a later date, either when the option is restored or through customer service.
2. Purchase a gift subscription here for $79
3. Set it to deliver to your own email address on the day that your current year of Prime lapses.

ShopRunner compares its benefits to Amazon Prime:

It’s worth noting that Newegg also has a similar service that its just launched called Premier. Check out all the details and sign up for a free trial here. It’s very helpful for frequent Newegg shoppers.

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3 Responses to “Free year of ShopRunner ($79 value), while all Prime members can use a workaround to avoid price increase”

  1. The way the site reads is that the 1 year ShopRunner promo is only for current Amazon Prime members.

    Being a frequent MacMall shopper I signed up for ShopRunner’s trial when I ordered a new MBP and then cancelled after my order. Upon canceling they extended the ShopRunner trial for 3 months and if you place 3 order from the participating retailers by 5/13/14 they give you a 1 year membership.