Update (4/24 9:15am): We just wanted to clarify that the offer is for 100GB of total cloud space: 50GB as traditional storage and 50GB used for syncing to keep files/media uniform across all of your IDrive devices. Feel free to hit us up in the comment section if you have any other questions.

Cloud storage and sync service IDrive is now offering iOS users 100GB of cloud storage for just $0.99 a year. After announcing a very similar deal for Android recently, iPhone and iPad users can now grab the 100GB of cloud storage and syncing (50GB backup + 50GB sync) for just a fraction of the price of Apple’s iCloud service as an in-app purchase inside the free IDrive (Online Backup) app. By comparison, Apple charges $100 per year for 50GB of storage, with an additional 10GB upgrade for $20.

IDrive offers a simple way to backup contacts, calendar info, photos and other files and sync them across all your devices. You’ll find sharing features with permissions and password options, as well as gallery functionality for viewing photos and videos. You can see the full feature list and security details below:



  • Backup and Restore contacts, photos, videos, and calendar with a single tap.
  • Sync – upload frequently accessed files to sync between all linked devices. Access and download files already synced.
  • Selectively backup and restore only the stuff you need.
  • Browse files and download photos and videos from all of your linked devices and computers.
  • Share a single file/folder or multiple files/folders with anyone using a single link. Set permissions and passwords.
  • Automatic mobile upload protects your photos and videos as soon as they are taken via wi-fi or cellular data (if you choose).
  • Improved gallery features include easy viewing of pictures, rotate option, video play, and more.

Security features:

  • All data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • With the optional private key encryption, no one but you can access your data.
  • Lock the app with a passcode.
  • Unlink a device which is lost or stolen from the app.

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4 Responses to “IDrive offers iOS users 100GB of cloud storage for $0.99 a year”

  1. Does not work on iPhone 5. Keeps saying iPhone has paused uploads, open drive to resume.

  2. Now that I’m looking into this, there seems to be a little confusion – is this $0.99 for one year or per year?

  3. Tom Moccia says:

    In the app it definitely says 50GB for 99 cents not sure where you get the 100GB from

  4. sardonick says:

    Inside the app, the offer shows 50GB for .99, not 100GB.