As part of its 3-day Dads and Grads sale, ZAGG offers up to 70% off select iPad Bluetooth keyboards and discounts on other accessories like headphones. All US orders ship free, no purchase minimum.

The real star of this promotion is the iPad mini Bluetooth keyboard for $29.99, which is $70 less than its list price of $99.99.

At just 6.3mm thick, this iPad cover is “14% thinner than all other Bluetooth keyboards,” and the island-style keys allow for “30% more typing space.” The Backlit keys feature various colors and brightness levels so you can dial-in a customized typing experience to make typing in low-light environments easier than ever. Reading mode, which is exclusive to this iPad cover, allows you to tuck away the keyboard to make for a comfortable reading experience. iOS specific keys will help you be more productive than ever with your iPad. Available in black or white.

More deals:

Use your savings to protect your iPhone or iPad with ZAGG’s ultra-tough InvisibleShield.


Father’s Day sale

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6 Responses to “ZAGG Bluetooth keyboard cases: iPad mini w/ backlit keys $30 (Reg. $100), iPad 2/3/4 PROfolio $50 (Reg. $100)”

  1. do you know if it ships to brazil?

  2. “Sorry, there is no active promo at this time.”
    It’s just me?

    • Dan DeSilva says:

      The promo is working just fine on our end and it looks like they will ship internationally according to their FAQ.

    • lyn says:

      I get the same “Sorry, there is no active promo at this time” reply…..

      • Dan DeSilva says:

        I just checked again and it is working fine on our end. I know many readers were able to successfully make purchases as well. Can you try a different browser? Or maybe try searching for the item you want?

      • lyn says:

        That’s really strange, I tried it again on Safari and Chrome, but still the same ” Sorry…” I live in The Netherlands, could this be the cause?