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The absolute last place you want to shop for iPhone, iPad, and Mac deals this Black Friday is the Apple Store. Historically, Apple’s participation in the biggest shopping day of the year has been limited to offering super modest (borderline insulting) discounts or free iTunes Gift Cards. We suspect this year won’t be any different.

On the flip side, other major retailers including Best Buy, Target, and Staples are extending huge discounts to many of Apple’s flagship products. To help you plan your holiday shopping, we’ve pored over every Black Friday ad available to bring you the very best upcoming Apple deals: expand full story

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Product reviews are great if you know the exact product you want to buy, but they rarely cover all the best products in one place. That’s why Curate With Me is here — to connect you with curated lists of great products recommended by friends and experts.

Curate With Me helps you canvas categories of products, apps, and dining experiences that other people are recommending, combining the power of Reddit-style upvotes with Pinterest-like visuals. Lots of experts, including the 9to5Toys team, are already creating Curate With Me guides. It’s a place where gadget fans, beauty mavens, foodies, gamers, home decorators and everyone with product knowledge can come together to spotlight the best of everything!

Want a shot at winning this year’s best holiday gift? Sign up for Curate With Me at this link and contribute ideas to our Most Coveted 2015 Holiday Tech Gift listAfter one week, the person who contributed the most upvoted item in the Guide will get to pick one or more items from the list (worth up to $200), courtesy of Curate With Me! So get curating right away to maximize your votes! More details are below…. (Update: Congrats, Victor M!)

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Apple November 19, 2015

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Apple November 10, 2015

It can be inconvenient having to lug around your power adapters everywhere you go. There’s now an affordable option to have an extra power adapter for your Mac as a replacement or as a backup option for your office or when you travel.

Groupon is offering Apple MagSafe 2 Power Adapters starting at $29.99 +$4 shipping for the 45W Macbook Air. The 60W Macbook Pro version goes for $34.99 shipped and the 85W goes for $39.99 shipped. That’s far below the $79 Apple charges for the same adapters and the lowest we can find for them. This offer is for brand new adapters and they come with 1-year warranty from Apple. Groupon also offers free returns on this purchase.

You can use this handy guide to make sure these power adapters are compatible with your MacBook.  expand full story

Apple November 9, 2015

Incase has a unique offer starting today with a grab bag/box of products for close to half off their retail price. That’s $320 worth of gear for just $149.  The catch? You won’t know exactly what you’re getting until it arrives, but the company is at least giving you an idea of what’s included… expand full story


Apple November 7, 2015

Apple November 6, 2015


There haven’t been too many opportunities to get an Apple Watch below retail since it was released earlier this year. However, right now Cowboom (a Best Buy brand) has a variety of pre-owned, refurbished, and open-box Apple Watch models available with prices starting at $261 shipped. You’ll need to refer to each individual item listing for exact condition details. Protection plans are available for purchase. Here are some of our top picks:

Your savings will easily cover the cost of a dock for your nightstand and a couple different bands for when you feel like switching up your watch’s style. expand full story

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Apple November 2, 2015

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Apple October 28, 2015

The launch of the new fourth-generation Apple TV has been interesting to say the least. Pre-orders started on Monday, but you’d hardly know it was available based on Apple’s site. As the first batch of orders are beginning to ship, other retailers are beginning to offer pre-orders as well.

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