Apple unleashed iOS 8 yesterday, which it calls “the biggest iOS release ever.” Perhaps lost in the craziness of its release was the fact that App Store developers can now offer app bundles. You’ll find a new “Bundles” section on the App Store with a number of discounted bundles from popular developers.


The bundles are separated into three sections: App Bundles, Game Bundles and Kids Bundles. With anywhere from 2 to 9 apps per bundle, users have the option to only pay for the apps in a given bundle they don’t already own by paying the difference.

There are some discounts to be had here from a number of highly rated developers, here are a few of our top picks: 

Luxury Book iPhone 7 Plus Case

Ultimate Productivity bundle-Readlle

App Bundles:

Ultimate Productivity Bundle by Readdle $20 (Reg. $27) Includes: PDF expert 5, Printer Pro, Scanner Pro, Calendars 5

Family Stargazing $5 (Reg. $7) Includes: Star Walk 2, Star Walk Kids, Sky Live Stargazing

Runtastic Cardio Pack – Running, Biking & More $8 (Reg. $17) Includes: Runtastic PRO GPS Running, PRO Cycling, Heart Monitor, Runtastic Pedometer, Runtastic Altimeter PRO

Game Bundles:

Angry Birds Ultimate Slingshot Bundle $2 (Reg. $4) Includes: Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space Angry Birds Seasons

Gameloft Modern Combat Pack $10 (Reg. $21) Includes: MC 5: Blackout, MC 4: Zero Hour, MC 3: Fallen Nation

FINAL FANTASY 6+1-in-One $70 (Reg. $98) Includes: Final Fantasy I – VI, Final Fantasy After Years

Kids Bundles:

Sago Mini Amazing Eight $15 (Reg. $24) Includes: Sago Mini Friends, Space Explorer, Music Box, Doodlecast, Forest Flyer + 3 more

Many More

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