The next Nintendo Direct event is today, here’s everything you need to know

Fire Emblems Three Houses coming to next Nintendo Direct

When is the next Nintendo Direct? Well, it’s today. We have been waiting for a while since the last update, but we now know the next Nintendo Direct event will take place later today with a solid 35 minutes of the big N’s 2019 plans. Head below for all the details.

The Next Nintendo Direct Event:

The Nintendo Direct February 2019 update is scheduled for 5PM ET/2PM PT and is certainly something to look forward to. Nintendo Switch had a record breaking 2018 having left PS4 and Xbox One in the dust in terms of US sales numbers. Its big-time game franchises like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate clearly spearheaded Nintendo’s rise to the top of most sales lists last year. But it has left many game analysts wondering what will help propel the company across 2019. However, it will only be a matter of time until we know more.

Head below for some thoughts on what to expect from the next Nintendo Direct. While nothing is confirmed just yet, we are expecting loads of details on Fire Emblems: Three Houses, some possible new ports and even a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC update.

Fire Emblems: Three Houses

Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first. It is almost guaranteed that we will see Nintendo’s new upcoming Fire Emblems RPG, Three Houses. Nintendo mentioned the game in its announcement and it’s about time we get a solid release date here. We know it is coming in the Spring according to previous details, but you can likely expect a much more defined window as well as more gameplay footage and story details. Considering this appears to be a massive turn-based RPG and was mentioned in the announcement tweet, don’t be surprised to see it take up a good amount of today’s 35 minute Nintendo Direct presentation.

Kirby and Yoshi:

We know Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn is coming to the 3DS on March 8th, right before Yoshi’s Crafted World lands on the Switch a couple weeks later (March 29th). While it’s getting a bit close for Nintendo to have much more to say about these two, it is possible we get another light push on both in the Nintendo Direct February 2019 update.


Metroid Prime 4 has disappointingly run into some development trouble and is apparently being started over. In other words, we likely won’t be seeing much of that today. However, rumors of a Metroid Trilogy remake have been swirling. While we would still file this one under the likely not happening category, it would certainly help to tie over fans of the series. Especially considering the Switch has been out for years without a proper Metroid experience. 

Pokemon Switch RPG:

Let’s Go! is fun and all, but it’s not that massive new Pokemon RPG Nintendo has ben promising for a while. It is easy to think of this one as being one of, if not the, biggest upcoming title for Switch, but that might be the very reason we won’t see it today. Much like Smash Bros. We would expect the company to dedicate an entire event specifically for this upcoming RPG as well as being a likely candidate for a Nintendo Direct leak. We haven’t heard much yet, so don’t get your hopes up here.

Animal Crossing Switch:

Here’s another game we are expecting to make a major splash in 2019. Some have speculated that the new Animal Crossing game for Switch could very well dominate Nintendo’s 2019 E3 presentation/show floor, if Pokemon isn’t ready by that is. While it is possible to get some kind of quick development update today, something is telling us this one could get its own Direct event in the future, much like the aforementioned Pokemon title.

Ports & More:

Some other possibilities for the next Nintendo Direct event include a series of possible ports. Don’t be surprised to see Assassin’s Creed 3 make an appearance after retail leaks popped up and disappeared previously. Some are also speculating around a possible new Mario Maker Switch title (or a port there of). We also know a series of Final Fantasy games are scheduled to get released on Switch this year and we could very well get a closer look at those this evening as well. Pikmin 3 and even some new Luigi’s Mansion updates are also possibilities.

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