LEGO Resistance A-Wing Review: Most value-packed Star Wars set of the year

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LEGO Resistance A-Wing Review 

LEGO’s Star Wars sets are undoubtedly one of the most highly-anticipated collections of new creations this year. And with the Force Friday festivities now underway, the entire lot is now available for purchase. Today we’ll be turning our attention to one of these new builds, opting to take a look a the A-Wing Starfighter. This nearly 270-piece kit brings the ship from to brick-form for the first time and includes two exclusive new minifigures. How solid of a value is it, and is this release worth a spot in your collection? All that and more in our LEGO Resistance A-Wing review after the jump.

While the X-Wing has been hogging the spotlight for pretty much the entirety of the LEGO Star Wars theme, the A-Wing is no stranger to brick-build incarcerations. There have been a multitude of releases over the past twenty years, but something that is a first with the new The Rise of Skywalker variant is that this is the first time we see the Resistance’s take on the starfighter. 

As for the latest release, the Resistance A-Wing enters as the most affordable kit in the new Star Wars collection. It’s priced at $29.99 and includes 269 pieces alongside two minifigures. The nine-inch long starfighter sports a unique green and white design and packs in plenty of features. There’s an opening cockpit, foldable landing gear, and more. 

Interesting techniques shine in LEGO’s latest

Most sets that clock in on the smaller end of a collection often lack the more sophisticated techniques you’d find elsewhere in the LEGO world. That’s not the case here, as this kit’s designer has managed to incorporate some novel parts’ usage to pull off the look of the Resistance A-Wing.

There are two specifically worth mentioning, the first of which falls to how the dual engines are connected. Combining a technic pin with a circular tile brick, this kit can nail the angled design without sacrificing on sturdiness. Secondly, flick-fire missiles usually are an annoyance at best when included in a set. The play feature has never been a big hit for me, but the Resistance A-Wing has been thinking a bit differently.

Integrated into the front haul, there’s this ingenious mechanism that adds in a touch of detail while still being functional. It’s an intriguing way to incorporate the feature, and I’m ultimately left thinking that this kit is better for having included the flick-fire missiles. And you can quote me on that if you want. I may lament at future inclusions of the spring-activated projectiles. But for now, I’ll stay in my bliss of enjoying the play feature.

Passing the swooshability test

A right of passage for just about any brick-built starship, swooshability is a significant factor to keep in mind when considering something like the Resistance A-Wing Starfighter. Fret not, as this kit passes with flying colors. It has a very rigid design to thank, with very few pieces even having the chance to get bumped off. So swoosh this ship to your heart’s content, but keep in mind you’ll have to make all the spaceship noises yourself.

New minifigures: Exclusive doesn’t always mean good

Included here are two Resistance-themed minifigures: Snap Wexley and Lieutenant Connix. Wexley has already gotten some screen time in the Star Wars franchise, and Connix will be debuting in The Rise of Skywalker. Both are brand-new figs for this Star Wars wave, and also happen to be exclusive to the Resistance A-Wing. There’s plenty of fantastic printing to go around for the pair, but Wexley’s Resistance helmet steals the show. It has superb molding and even a transparent visor. 

Despite being near-perfect inclusions on paper, these figures are a bit of a letdown thematically. Most fans want to bring home iconic characters from the Star Wars universe, of which both included figures are not, or at least not yet. Regardless, the inclusion of an Astromech droid or some other character would have been appreciated.

LEGO’s Resistance A-Wing is as value-packed as can be

At 269 pieces for $29.99, LEGO’s Resistance A-Wing Starfighter enters with a pricing structure that is far from the usual Star Wars tax. At just over $0.11 per brick, that’s on par with many of the LEGO’s non-licensed creations. It’s a notably better value than the Mars Research Shuttle, a similarly-sized kit.

Plus, when you throw in the two Star Wars minifigures, you’re looking at an excellent release here. If every release from a galaxy far, far away were this close to the gold standard of 10 cents per piece, then this author would be ecstatic. But until hell freezes over, I’ll settle for reviewing gems like LEGO’s Resistance A-Wing.

At the time writing, you’ll also be able to score a discount on the Resistance A-Wing Starfighter, which is now down to $27.

Final thoughts

When LEGO first announced its series of The Rise of Skywalker sets, I was immediately drawn to the A-Wing. It’s notably absent from my brick-built collection. So with the vehicle getting a fresh coat of paint as it enters the Resistance’s hanger, now seemed like as good a time as any to finally assemble the starfighter.

Excluding the new BrickHeadz that were just announced today, this is by far my favorite build in the original LEGO Star Wars collection. Pricing is just right, and the build is as stellar as they come. Would I have loved a more great minifigure? Of course! But if there’s anything to take away from our review, it’s that LEGO’s new Resistance A-Wing Starfighter is undoubtedly worthy of anyone’s collection. And unless a miracle happens, this will likely be the best bang for your buck set in 2019.

It’s a rare occurrence to see such a great set at the lowest price point in a series. But I’m not complaining, as it’s a trend I hope to see more of from the company in the future.

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