LEGO Resistance Y-Wing Review: A classic kit gets a fresh coat of paint

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LEGO Resistance Y-Wing Review 

After getting an early look at the Resistance A-Wing Starfighter, my interest was piqued on what the rest of the new The Rise of Skywalker kits had in store. So now I’ve turned to another one of the brand-new LEGO creations, this time opting to review the Resistance Y-Wing. Head below for a closer look at the classic bomber’s refreshed design, eye-catching minifigures, and more.

Having officially hit store shelves last week, LEGO’s new Resistance Y-Wing Bomber enters as the third-largest creation in the roster of The Rise of Skywalker kits. This particular release manifests as a 578 piece model, which includes five figures and is priced at $69.99.

Rise of Skywalker gives the Y-Wing a fresh coat of paint

Measuring over 17-inches long, the Resistance Y-Wing Bomber is quite large thanks to the dual rear engines. At the center of the design, here is a technic frame that provides plenty of structure to the model and incorporates a unique bomb-dropping mechanism.

On the front of the ship, there’s an opening cockpit with room for one of the included figures. It’s comprised of various sloped elements that stack up to faithfully recreate the starfighter’s design. Past renditions of the bomber have been hit or miss for their accuracy, but LEGO nailed it this time around Resistance variant of Y-Wing. The same is true for the engines, which complete the overall iconic appearance of the starship.

Things aren’t all praiseworthy here, as one thing that I can’t quite get over is how incomplete some aspects of the build feel. While the cockpit and thrusters on LEGO’s Resistance Y-Wing are excellent in their execution, the body lacks the same polish. It’s quite evident from the underside of the vehicle, as well as when looking at some the side. The internal Technic structure shows through in a few places and yields a somewhat unfinished aesthetic. It’s night and day compared to the A-Wing, which has a near-perfect design. But this time around, there’s a lot that I’d liked to have seen done differently. 

After living in my newfound bliss of enjoying flick-fire missiles for a week, I guess fate decided that it was too long. The Y-Wing has the usual inclusion of the play feature, which is cleverly an afterthought. 


Now the real star of the show for this kit is in the assortment of included minifigures. Similarly to the Resistance A-Wing, here you’re getting a batch of all-new figures. But this time around for the Y-Wing, LEGO has packed in three minifigures and two droids.

While you’ll find the First Order Snowtrooper in plenty of other sets, we’re getting a new Poe Dameron figure, as well as Zorii Bliss and an astromech droid. The new lovable D-O droid is also included here, which is reason enough to consider the creation. All of the inclusions here are exemplary instances of LEGO printing, with plenty of details packed in.

It drives home the playability for younger fans looking to creates scenes from a galaxy far, far away. This is also an excellent addition for collectors, as those looking to bring home the entire collection of The Rise of Skywalker figs will have to pick up this one.

Pricing and valuation 

Entering with a $69.99 price tag, you’ll be bringing home 578 pieces. That sits this creation at 12 cents per brick, which isn’t by any means excellent. Including five minifigures certainly helps justify the pricing for some, but at the end of the day, you’re going to get stuck paying the usual Star Wars tax. 

At the time of writing, you’ll be able to bring home the LEGO Resistance Y-Wing for $55.99 at Amazon, which is 20% off the going rate.

Final thoughts

After my stellar first impression with The Rise of Skywalker kits from reviewing the A-Wing, I was hoping for a similar experience with LEGO’s Resistance Y-Wing. But ultimately, that ends up not being the case. The pricing isn’t fantastic, and the final build leaves a little to be desired. 

Even so, it’s a fun set that gives a fun refresh to the classic starfighter, and the minifigures continue to shine as standouts in the LEGO world. This is certainly one I’d recommend getting on sale, as paying full price isn’t worth it unless you’re seeking out the minifigures.

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