Luigi’s Mansion 3 First Impressions: Satisfying gameplay and gorgeous graphics

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 review

Making its frightening debut on Halloween yesterday, Nintendo’s latest first-party title has finally arrived. Luigi’s Mansion 3 enters with so many things to write home about, including gorgeous graphics, delightfully-designed levels, a satisfying combat system, and much more. Head below for our first impressions on Nintendo’s newest release as we go hands-on with Luigi’s Mansion 3 for our latest review.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 review: Satisfying combat and gorgeous graphics

As I more or less expected, Luigi’s Mansion 3 doesn’t have the most immersive plot out there. Everything kicks off with Mario, Luigi, and the gang being invited to a hotel a getaway, only to be tricked into a devious trap by King Boo. From there, you’re tasked as clearing out the ghosts through all 16 floors and freeing your friends. 

The fact that this game doesn’t have the best overarching storyline is undoubtedly my biggest gripe. After some initial cutscenes, there’s not too much by way of story-driven events. Though Luigi’s Mansion 3 surely makes up for that by offering an utterly fantastic and haunted world to snoop around. 

Right off the bat, one of the first things you’ll notice is just how refined the in-game visuals are. Everything from the overall scenery to textures is phenomenal. Each room or hallway in Nintendo’s new title all emanate this particularly spooky aura that goes the extra mile for setting the tone. It’s not a scary game, but you’ll at least empathize with Luigi each time he’s overcome with horror. Of course, there’s the usual cartoony style that Nintendo loves to employ for its Mario, or in this case, Luigi-centric titles. But that doesn’t sacrifice on detail or the overall aesthetic. 

A gorgeously-designed game that’s a blast to explore

All of this adds up to Luigi’s Mansion 3 indeed being one of the most polished switch games to date that even has visuals to rival Breath of the Wild. Instead of gorgeous mountain scapes and lush fields, you’ll find meticulously-designed rooms that are packed with charmed and caked in dust or the frequent cobweb. 

You won’t just want to soak in all of the scenery, though, as the in-game physics beg for the world to be explored. Your flashlight casts accurate shadows, precariously-perched items can be knocked over, and each room’s design invites you to uncover every nook and cranny. Mirrors even work as you’d expect, offering some unique gameplay situations thanks to the reflected imagery. 

Things get going once you get the Poltergust G-00 vacuum, as you’ll be on the suck-up objects and interact with the hotel-themed levels in a variety of new ways. Everything about the level design and overall appearance means you won’t want to leave a single stone unturned while on a quest for coins, ghosts, and plenty of other secrets. And with how satisfying the gameplay is, you’ll have a blast doing so.

This emphasis on discovery is also what drives the game’s progression, as finding out what happens next in the story takes a back seat for much of the original gameplay, at least. So for someone who’s still searching for all 900 Korok seeds in Breath of the Wild, this game is right up my alley. 

Super satisfying combat shines alongside co-op

One area of Luigi’s Mansion 3’s gameplay that shines is the combat system. The Poltergust G-00 proves to be a perfect weapon for fighting ghosts and ultimately offers some of the unique experiences I’ve played. While the overall style of fighting is pretty similar from battle to battle, Nintendo keeps you on your toes by mixing things up when taking on some of the more difficult ghouls.

Another feature that adds to the fun is the introduction of co-op centered around the inclusion of Gooligi. It offers some intriguing gameplay and puzzles to solve. It’s one of the more unique executions for couch co-op, and it just makes the experience even that much more enjoyable for friends, couples, or families looking to game together. 

Usual Nintendo Charm

Aside from just the top-notch level of polish evident throughout the game, you’ll find plenty of Nintendo charm sprinkled throughout Luigi’s Mansion 3. From slapstick comedy to on the nose references to Nintendo’s past, there’s a lot to love. One inclusion that embodies this is the appearance of the infamous Virtual Boy. Not only does the failed Nintendo get some screen time, but it also serves as the game’s menu system. 

Final thoughts 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 may not come crashing onto your Switch with the same fanfare as Super Mario Odyssey or Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it’s certainly as well crafted as any other first-party Nintendo game. It’s been an utter blast to play so far, and if you’re looking for something more laidback that stands out from the slew of shooters and other intense RPGs that recently been released or are on the horizon, then Luigi’s Mansion 3 is definitely worth your time. 

While I haven’t gotten close to finishing the game, I can certainly see this one being well worth the cash from my initial gameplay session. Even though Halloween has come and gone, this is one that I’m looking forward to diving into in the coming weeks. 

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