Final update for Battlefield V is here with new maps, weapons, vehicles, more

Battlefield V, released in 2018, received its final content update a few days ago. While DICE and EA have vowed to keep doing bug fixes for the game, you’ll not see another major content rework released for Battlefield V after this summer update. With the latest release, you’ll get two new maps, nine new weapons, six new vehicles, five new gadgets, and three new types of grenades. That’s quite a bit of content, so let’s break it all down.

Two all-new maps make their way to Battlefield V

With the latest update, you’ll score two new maps in Battlefield V. The first is Al Mark Encampment, which is set in Libya. It’s an infantry-only map, and there will be plenty of close-quarter fights to go around, along with some ranged combat depending on where you find yourself positioned. It’s a 64-player map on Conquest and Breakthrough, and there are additional configurations available for Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch.

The second map is a redesigned and expanded Provence. The play area has been extended, and now includes farmland and areas around the outskirts of town. You’ll bring tanks into the battlefield on this 64-player Conquest and Breakthrough map.

New guns, gadgets, and grenades

There is also a multitude of new weapons and gadgets added in the Battlefield V Summer Update. You’ll find nine new guns, including the Sjögren Shotgun, Chauchat, M3 Infrared, K31/43, Welgun, M1941 Johnson, PPK/PPK Suppressed, M1911 Suppressed, and Welrod. Some of these are more well-known, like the M1911 and the PPK, while others are newcomers that many gamers might have never heard of.

When it comes to gadgets, the Droppel-Schuss, RMN 50 Grenade Launcher, Pistol Flamethrower, Shaped Charge, and Kampfpistole are all now available. The Shaped Charge, specifically, will be quite interesting to see how people use it.

Plus, the Firecracker Grenade, Demolition Grenade, and Type 99 Mine are all available in this update, giving you more ammunition for taking out the enemy.

Start a bombing run with new vehicles

You’ll not only be getting new maps, weapons, and gadgets here, but also a wide selection of all-new vehicles. The A-20 bomber will ensure victory if positioned properly, and then there’s the P-70 Night Fighter, P-51D fighter plane, P-51K fighter plane, M8 Greyhound, and the Puma Armored Car. The last of which can really help get you across the battlefield unscathed in the middle of war.

Pricing and availability

You can play Battlefield V’s latest Summer Update right now on Xbox, PC, and PS4. It’s a free download to those who own the game, though if you’ve yet to pick it up, it’s available on Amazon for as little as $12 depending on what platform you play.

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