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Using the Kaliber Gaming kit on Xbox One

Beyond just affordable gaming mice and keyboards, Kaliber Gaming, an extension of IOGear, also offers some pretty unique devices to the console gaming community. Namely, the KeyMander 2 mouse and keyboard adapter for Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, which not only lets you use a mouse and keyboard on console games, but also enables controller crossover. To see how this adapter works with their top-tier mouse and keyboard on Xbox One, check out the video below.

First we’ll take a look at the mouse and keyboard and then put them to use on an original Xbox One through the Keymander 2. I’m going to go over the keyboard and mouse quickly as I think the main thing here is the KeyMander 2.


Quick Specs:

  • $59.99
  • 12 programmable buttons
  • 16,000dpi sensor

With 12 programmable buttons, the MMOMENTUM Pro has some unique features for gamers who want a vast array of buttons at their fingertips. Six side buttons, an additional button next to mouse 1, and DPI buttons with an indicator for the current setting allow a lot of customizability.

The MMO style mouse is very comfortable with a large rest on the right side of the mouse for your ring finger, and overall the mouse feels well-built. RGB lighting abounds on the MMOMENTUM Pro with a large ring around the back and right side of the body, and lights under the KG logo and the scroll wheel.

Within the Kaliber Gaming app, it’s easy to change the functions of any of the buttons, set the stages for DPI settings, tweak lighting, and adjust some other parameters as well.

HVER PRO X keyboard

Quick Specs:

  • $89.99
  • Optical mechanical switches
  • Tactile feel
  • Per-key RGB lighting
  • Water-resistant

Optical keyboard switches aren’t brand new at this point, and the Huntsman line from Razer is one of my favorite examples, but they usually have a high price tag as well. The allure of opto-mechanical switches is that by removing a physical metal contact, the signal can be much quicker and increase the lifetime durability of those switches. Both are quite desirable in a gaming keyboard.

Kaliber Gaming: Video

Kaliber’s opto offering is a full-fledged full-size RGB gaming keyboard, the HVER PRO X. With some flared aluminum accents around the board, it plays the part of a gaming keyboard well. Branding could be a little more subtle, in my opinion. The logo at the bottom of the board is tasteful, but the large full nameplate at the top is pretty tacky.

With a light, tactile press, the brown optical switches in the HVER PRO X keyboard feel pretty good. They’re light with some nice feedback and don’t feel too mushy as a tactile switch. They’re not the quietest, but not as loud as the clicky optical switches on the Huntsman, either.

The Adapter: Kaliber Gaming KeyMander 2

I’m testing the KeyMander 2 on an original Xbox One, but the cool thing about this adapter is that it also enables the use of other controllers on different consoles. So you can use an Xbox or PS4 controller on a Nintendo Switch, for example. Lots of cool opportunities here beyond just this specific application.

While native mouse and keyboard support is a part of the Xbox ecosystem now on supported titles, they can’t be used with all games. That’s where adapter like the KeyMander 2 comes in. Allowing the use of mouse and keyboard on console games, or swapping controllers between Xbox, PS4, and Switch, it’s a powerful tool for the avid gamer. And it doesn’t have to be Kaliber’s mouse and keyboard, it can be any. I tested it with the recent Razer Deathadder V2 Pro wireless mouse and it worked just fine.

With great power comes great responsibility

One quick note here. Using a keyboard and mouse on competitive multiplayer games, especially FPS games, that don’t natively support a keyboard and mouse is often highly frowned upon. PUBG for console, for example, recently announced that the use of unsupported hardware is against its terms of use and could lead to a permanent ban. That being said, there is a profile for PUBG, and I tried it in the testing area (I didn’t play any matches with it) and it worked just fine.

Getting set up

Kaliber Gaming is very clear on the order that the peripherals need to be connected to the KeyMander 2. First, plug in a controller so that the adapter knows what system it’s working with, then the keyboard, and then a mouse. Kaliber also recommends supplying 5V power via a micro-USB port to make sure everything functions as intended.

For full use of what the KeyMander 2 can do, you’ll also want to download the K2 App for KeyMander 2 Adapter. The app connects to the Keymander 2 over Bluetooth and makes it easy to change profiles based on what game you’re playing, find and download profiles for other games, and tweak a ton of settings to dial the KeyMander 2 in for your play style. There is also a forum where users talk about their settings if you’re having trouble getting something dialed in.

In use: Battlefield 4

To test out the Keymander 2 in a game, the first one I fired up was Battlefield 4. Finding the right profile is easy within the K2 app and searching or browsing for the appropriate title. After a bit of tweaking to sensitivities, gaming on the KeyMander 2 was easy and actually felt pretty good. Mouse movement was about as I expected with some small jitters with small movements, but overall everything worked well.

It’s not perfect, though. Some movements didn’t translate how I thought they would and needed additional tweaks to aim or turn where I was intending. I was also surprised that it really didn’t help me play any better in the long run. But, I’d say I’m at least decent with a controller and don’t fall into the camp of needing a mouse and keyboard to keep up with controller players.

In use: Destiny 2

On the other hand, Destiny 2 wasn’t quite as smooth. I think this has to do with the pretty severe aim assist and also how much turning is slowed down when sprinting. Using a hand cannon, I found it much harder to land consecutive shots than what I thought it would be. Maybe I just need to spend more time tweaking the settings, but for me, it wasn’t an improvement right out of the box.

Assassins Creed: Black Flag

I don’t have many titles that aren’t FPS games installed, but it also works well in games that aren’t FPS. The KeyMander 2 worked perfectly in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Of course, you need to fine-tune the sensitivity to get it to play how you want, but that’s easy to do with the app.

Kaliber Gaming: wrapping up

Overall, while the Kaliber Gaming gear might be pretty far on the gamer side of peripherals, the top-tier MMOMENTUM Pro and HVER PRO X RGB offer a lot of features for their price. And if you like the aggressive look, all the better. The KeyMander 2, on the other hand, is a pretty special bit of kit. It is what you make of it. It’s a great way to expand playability if you like to have and try all of the consoles or just can’t get used to a controller.


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