Apex Legends War Games includes new events with “never-before-seen” playlist modifiers

As we close out Season 8 of Apex Legends, it’s time to let Mad Maggie take control one last time. With that comes War Games, which is an event featuring a collection of “never-before-seen” playlist modifiers, alongside a new rewards track and challenges. So, without further ado, let’s dive into Apex Legends War Games before Season 9 launches in May.

Second Chance is the first modifier on deck for April 13

The first playlist modifier will be Second Chance launching April 13 at the beginning of War Games. While Apex Legends used to have “limited-time modes” separate from the standard variety of games, Respawn has decided to merge the two and essentially allow the new mode to “take over” the standard playlist, while leaving Ranked Mode alone.

Second Chance, the first new modifier taking over the standard playlist, essentially gives each Legend one free respawn per match. Normally, after you die, your banner is laid in your death box for a teammate to pick up, head to a respawn beacon, and then you can be brought back in the game. Well, Second Chance shakes things up a bit and allows you to spawn back into the game yourself once per match, which can really be a huge benefit to your team.

Second up is Ultra Zones beginning April 15

There’s always been a “Hot Zone” in Apex Legends that has higher tier loot more readily available for those who dare brave to drop there. This time around, Ultra Zones is essentially multiple Hot Zones on a single map. “More epic loot, more gold items!” Each Hot Zone will be enveloped in a “Flash Point,” paying homage to a Season 6 LTM. Inside of a Flash Point, your HP and shields will be replenished as long as you stay inside, which should help prolong some fights for more unique encounters.

Auto Banners comes April 19 for another unique revival experience

While Second Chance allows you to revive yourself once per game, Auto Banners automatically collects a dead squadmate’s banner after they are killed. This means that you can head straight to the respawn beacon, and there will be even more Mobile Respawn Beacons available in the loot pool during this LTM.

Fight fast in the Killing Time takeover on April 21

Shaking things up even further, starting April 21 you’ll be spawned into the Killing Time mode. This event speeds up the match every time a Legend dies. That’s right, each time a Legend goes down for the count, the round time is reduced. This will speed things up like never before, especially if people drop hot into one zone and a massacre ensues.

Armor Regen begins April 23 with a unique take on automatic healing

With the Armor Regen event, your armor will regenerate over time at the rate of 12 points per second. Should you get hit by a bullet or grenade, regeneration will begin after a short 8-second delay, as to not give too much of an advantage here. Also, if your armor gets cracked, then it’ll take 16 seconds before things start to heal. Keep in mind that during this LTM, you won’t be able to pick up any Shield Cells in the loot pool, so heal carefully.

9to5Toys’ Take

Apex Legends is my absolute favorite game of all time right now. I have hundreds upon hundreds of hours in it, and I just can’t get enough of the title. Whether I’m dropping solo, no-fill, or with my squad, Apex is my go-to game to play in my downtime.

I’m very interested to see what these new game modes bring to the table, as it’s been a while since I’ve strayed away from playing Ranked. My favorite, I think, will be the Auto Banners, followed up by Second Chance and Armor Regen. What about you?

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