LEGO Avengers Endgame Final Battle review: Iconic minifigures steal the show

Earlier this year, the LEGO Group announced a series of kits that would be re-creating iconic moments from throughout the MCU in its Infinity Saga collection. While we already took a look at the Guardians’ Ship, today we’re diving in for a hands-on review of the wave’s second-largest creation. Due out on the first of next month, we’re seeing if you should spend your cash to bring the LEGO Endgame Final Battle set to your collection when it launches on August 1. Head below for all of the details.

LEGO Endgame Final Battle

Entering as one of the flagship creations from the upcoming LEGO Infinity Saga series, the Avengers: Endgame Final Battle set arrives with 527 pieces. That makes it the second-largest of the batch, entering with a substantial build comprised of a portion of the Avengers HQ. There’s also some little add-on builds to complement the main structure.

Managing to one-up its part count, this creation also enters as the most minifigure-packed set from the lineup. The Benatar we reviewed earlier this summer only came with six characters from the MCU, while this re-creation of Endgame’s final fight includes seven. 

Assembling the iconic Infinity Saga set

Entering as more of a playset than a display kit, the Endgame Final Battle fitting depicts the final moments of the film’s iconic fight. The main aspect of the set is the Avengers building, which enters here as more of a facade than a full HQ. It’s only a few studs deep that allows for some details to be sprinked it, but it’s definitely on the more basic side.

There are some holograms of other Avengers like Captain Marvel and Rocket Raccoon, as well as a containment unit for the Power Gauntlet and a display of Tony Stark’s möbius strip time travel model. And on the bottom, you’ll also find a jail cell to house Thanos, although that’s not quite accurate to the film.

To go alongside the main building, there are also some smaller creations that help re-create the final battle from Endgame in LEGO form. There are two little modules that clip onto either side of the HQ, with a turret on the left and then a piece of wreckage with the Avengers A on the right. Both of them are quite small, but help build out the vignette that the LEGO Group is going for. All of that’s to say, the set doesn’t exactly deliver the most impressive or display-worthy build out there.

To complete the set, there’s a minifigure-scale version of Scott Lang’s car, which houses the time machine into the quantum real. It has a nice sticker on the back to simulate the effect, and is one of the stronger parts of the build overall.

A closer look at the enticing minifigures

The real draw of the set, in my opinion, is the minifigures, and oh, are there a lot of them. Included in the LEGO Endgame Final Battle set are a total of seven characters from the MCU. You’re looking at many of the most iconic characters specifically from the fight at the end of the film, headlined by Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. All three of them are decked out in their appropriate attire for the movie, and have pretty exceptional printing, though neither of them are exclusive to the set.

From there, things get a bit more interesting. There’s an exclusive new Black Panther figure that has a detailed suit complete with purple and lavender highlights. Much of that all-new status carries over to Scarlet Witch, which is making her third LEGO appearance to date in this set. The quality isn’t as good as the other figures, but is a solid inclusion nonetheless.

Moving over to the villains, any re-creation of the final battle from Endgame wouldn’t be complete without Thanos himself, and the LEGO Group has certainly delivered with a new bigfig. It’s certainly the best aspect of the kit and delivers an exclusive version of the Infinity Gauntlet-wielder. Finally, there is a Chitauri, the aliens in Thanos’ army. The design here is nothing new, but at least helps level the playing field for the Titan against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

As a bonus, you’re also getting a microfigure of Ant-Man, which is a nice touch considering you also get Scott Lang’s van in the kit, too.

How good of a value are you getting with the LEGO Endgame Final Battle set?

Clocking in at $69.99, the LEGO Endgame Final Battle set is on the pricier side of the Infinity Saga collection. Looking at the 527 pieces included, it reads like a bad value, but I think the true story is a bit more complicated than just the part-per-dollar value here.

Sure, the build isn’t amazing, but the notable selection of minifigures deliver plenty of value in that aspect alone. And for a playset, you do get a lot of action, thanks to all of the included builds. That being said, this should definitely have been a more affordable set. Though since it will be launching on August 1 with that $70 price tag you may be left to wonder, Should I buy it? Let’s dive in.

9to5Toys’ Take

After assembling the LEGO Endgame Final Battle set, there’s plenty to like from the latest re-creation from the end of the MCU Infinity Saga. Though whether or not you should buy this on day one instead of waiting for a sale lands on how much value you’ll get out of the figures. With so many exclusive re-creations of the Avengers, not to mention the Thanos bigfig, that’s going to be a main selling point in the set.

If you don’t have many of these characters already in your LEGO collection, grabbing the Endgame Final Battle set is a pretty easy way to scoop them all up. If you already have many of the minifigures or can wait, I’d say pass to start. There’s nothing too exciting about the set aside from the new bigfig, and we’ll likely end up seeing some kind of discount by year’s end.

Buy the LEGO Endgame Final Battle set starting on August 1

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