LEGO Trouble on Tatooine review: Beskar Mando and Baby Yoda make this set a steal

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LEGO Trouble on Tatooine

Now that we’ve taken a look at two of the larger builds from the new LEGO Star Wars 2021 lineup, we’re shifting gears to go hands-on with one of the more affordable creations from a galaxy far, far away. Finally giving fans the long-awaited Beskar-clad Mandalorian figure, the LEGO Trouble on Tatooine set offers the most affordable way yet to bring Baby Yoda to your collection on top of other notable builds. Head below for all of the details. 

Hands-on with the new LEGO Trouble on Tatooine set

On top of the two downsized Original Trilogy starfighters we’ve already gone hands-on with, LEGO is also out with a new playset to kick off the year. The 277-piece Trouble on Tatooine LEGO creation centers itself around the the first episode of The Mandalorian season two, so some minor spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up. 

Included alongside the three minifigures here are a trio of builds from the deserts of Tatooine and specifically Chapter 9 of The Mandalorian. The largest of these creations assembles part of a Tusken Raider encampment, marking the very first time we’ve seen one of these huts in the nearly 22 years of LEGO Star Wars builds. 

To go alongside the tent structure, LEGO has assembled a brick-built version of the ballista from the episode, which is much more intricate than the other build. Lastly, LEGO is including a brick-built version of Mando’s speeder bike from the episode, as well. It’s fairly accurate to the on-screen inspiration and just like everything else in the set, makes good use of the allotted pieces. 

Despite this being one of the smaller builds from the winter Star Wars wave, LEGO managed to pack in some pretty nice features here. As for the hut, the entire build can fold open to reveal plenty of space to position minifigures underneath. The design more than accomplishes the kind of ragged and worn down look that you’d expect here and even manages to allow for those added play features.

As for the ballista, LEGO has done a really great job making this feel like not only a substantial build, but also a distinct creation. If you’ve seen Chapter 9 of the Mandalorian, I think it’s pretty evident what this is supposed to be, as apposed to any old brick-built crossbow type weapon. The nice selection of LEGO bricks used here, and the overall design only lend to it being a neat part of the Trouble on Tatooine set, as well.

The speeder bike is equally as intricate but is a smaller build than the ballista. The design is spot on compared to the source material and leverages plenty of interesting techniques to pull off all of the incorporated details. There are spots for Mando to store his included blasters, but more importantly, there’s a little place to nestle Baby Yoda into place. The only downside of the speeder bike is that the design doesn’t exactly allow for Mando to fit right in, but it’s a small compromise here.

Beskar Mando finally makes a debut

LEGO is also taking the winter 2021 wave as a chance to finally introduce one of the most eagerly-awaited minifigures into its catalog. Even though we’ve seen a handful of sets inspired by The Mandalorian, there has yet to be a brick-build version of Mando wearing his signature Beskar armor suit. That finally changes here, as LEGO is including an exclusive figure with its Trouble on Tatooine set. 

This time around, Mando has an all-new ensemble here with exclusive printing and a new helmet. LEGO’s execution here is pretty spot on, with plenty of details added. Aside from the new chrome finish on his armor, an easy highlight is the Mudhorn signet on Mando’s right shoulder pauldron. Sure it’s a tiny print, but the inclusion speaks to the overall attention to detail on the figure. So even though we had to wait nearly two years, the payoff was certainly worth it. 

On top of the exclusive new Mando, LEGO also includes a Grogu figure here. It’s the same one that was first introduced with last year’s Razor Crest and that appeared in the larger brick-built version of Baby Yoda. But what makes the inclusion here all the more notable is the $30 price tag on the set. So while you’ve been able to pick up the beloved character in LEGO form before, now there’s an even more affordable way to do it.

Lastly, you’ll find a slightly tweaked version of the Tusken Raider, which shares a nearly identical design to previous versions. All in all, the figure selection is pretty on point for the episode it’s based on, although it would have been phenomenal to see a Cobb Vanth minifigure make the cut. 

Should you buy the LEGO Trouble on Tatooine set?

Clocking in at $29.99, the new LEGO Trouble on Tatooine delivers plenty of value for the price. On top of its number of pieces, the three included minifigures here shouldn’t be overlooked. So even as solid as the $0.11 price per part value is, the entire package rises above just those stats.

And as far as playsets go, LEGO has included pretty value here for those looking to reenact scenes from the series, or just fill out their own brick-built Tatooine dioramas.

9to5Toys’ Take: 

As the only play set in LEGO’s current 2021 Star Wars lineup, the Trouble on Tatooine kit delivers on just about everything you’d want from it. The theming is consistent all-around and assembles some pretty interesting models that offer a complete scope over the episode of The Mandalorian that inspired it.

But it’s really the figures that elevate this kit from just being a solid addition to the lineup to one of the best new creations of the year. LEGO finally giving us a Beskar-clad Mando figure is an easy highlight, and the lower price point for adding a Baby Yoda to your collection shouldn’t be overlooked either. 

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