Hands-on: LEGO Seinfeld Jerry’s Apartment delivers a 1,300-piece kit packed with references

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Having been announced earlier in the year, fans of the iconic sitcom Seinfeld have long been waiting for Jerry, George, and the rest of the gang to make their brick-built debut. Now at long last, the LEGO Group has launched its first Seinfeld set, and we’re taking a hands-on look. Packed with plenty of details, references, and all of the hilarity you’d expect, our latest reviews dives into just how brick-worthy this $80 creation is. Head below for all of the details.

Hands-on with the first LEGO Seinfeld set

Having been in the works for almost two years at this point, LEGO builders and Seinfeld fans have been waiting for quite some time. And now, after being announced at the beginning of the month, we’re checking out the $79.99 creation, which is set to officially launch on August 1 but is now available for VIP members.

Stacking up to 1,326 pieces, the first LEGO Seinfeld set specifically depicts the most iconic location from the series, Jerry’s Apartment. In a similar style to both of the Friends sets so far, the LEGO Group is taking a unique, and quite meta approach, which themes the Seinfeld kit as a sound stage set.

The entire build enters as a sort of vignette, which assembles half of the building, akin to what you’d expect to see during filming, which measures over 12 inches wide. You’ll find just about all of the iconic locations from Jerry’s apartment, ranging from the main room itself decked out in various brick-built furnishing to his office, and a section of the hallway outside. There are also some studio spotlights mounted on rafters above the set to complete that production look.

The references throughout Jerry’s Apartment

Being a set that looks to channel some nostalgia for fans of the iconic sitcom, the LEGO Group has packed the Seinfeld set with references. There are callbacks to the series at large, including framed pictures of Uncle Leo and the like, as well as some other little Easter eggs. Every Seinfeld episode has to have Superman in it, and the LEGO set delivers with a sticker on the refrigerator to deliver.

On top of that, the LEGO Group has also included plenty of references to some specific episodes. Some of the more notable objects and inclusions let you get the minifigures in on the unique holiday thanks to a Festivus Pole from The Strike, as well as Kramer’s Coffee Table Book of Coffee Tables shown off in The Opposite. And speaking of, who could forget Kramer’s iconic “these pretzels are making me thirsty” line from The Alternate Side.

There are plenty of other inclusions from the vast collection of iconic Seinfeld moments in the LEGO version of Jerry’s Apartment ranging from George’s elusive Marble Rye loaf to Elaine’s gold fish. Just how many of them there are certainly makes for an enjoyable building experience, as you can hardly get through a few pages without adding in another callback to the classic sitcom.

The minifigures 

Of course, the biggest draw for many will be the included minifigures, which give some of the most iconic Seinfeld characters the blocky LEGO treatment. In total, you’re getting five completely exclusive figures in the set, which all come rocking each of their sitcom counterpart’s distinctive 1990s-inspired outfits.

Given that this is his apartment after all, the LEGO Seinfeld set features Jerry himself rocking his iconic blue button up shirt. Then there’s George Costanza rocking a red jacket with flannel shirt underneath. Sporting his unique lobster shirt and a coat is none other than Cosmo Kramer himself, who rounds out the main cast with Elaine Benes in her preppy suit. You’ll also find Newman wearing his postal service uniform as the fifth and final inclusion in the set.

Each of the figures absolutely nail the expected looks and deliver pretty unique designs that are perfectly fit for the sitcom. Some are a bit more basic than others, but the details throughout really sell the authenticity of this being an ideal LEGO build for Seinfeld fans.

The value 

Entering at $79.99, the 1,326 included pieces certainly go a long way assembling a solid build that’s easily worth the price. If the main kit itself wasn’t already quite large and detailed for the price point, the included exclusive minifigures certainly push this one well beyond the must-have category for Seinfeld fans in my book.

9to5Toys’ Take 

Given how long I personally have been waiting for the LEGO Seinfeld set to debut, I had about as high of expectations as a builder could. And now that it’s finally in front of me and assembled, I have to say that most of those have been met.

Sure the set isn’t exactly perfect, as there are so many other elements that I’m sure fans would have liked to see included. From additional chargers to other iconic mementos like Junior Mints, there are certainly some exclusions. Though with nine seasons of content, there was no way the LEGO Group could fit in every single noteworthy moment, especially given the scale and price point, which manages to deliver quite an impressive build.

As a display piece, be it for LEGO builders or Seinfeld fans alike, there are so many intricate details and authentic recreations present in the set that are worth writing home about. Just from the LEGO perspective, there are so many novel part usages to pull off Jerry’s iconic furniture and the whole apartment at large. But then for Seinfeld fans, it’s hard not to be swept in by all the references and LEGO-fied action.

At the end of the day, the LEGO Seinfeld Jerry’s Apartment set launched as one of the most anticipated sets of the year and manages to stick the landing as one of the best kits so far.

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