Ash makes her in-game debut with latest Apex Legends Escape trailer

It’s been a while since we last covered Apex Legends. In fact, it was last season with Emergence. But we’re back, and this time, there’s an update that is sure to shake up the Apex Games as Ash enters the Arena. If you’re not sure who Ash is, well, she’s overseen the Apex Games for a while and is a Simulacrum Pilot from Titanfall 2. So, what’s coming in Apex Legends Escape and what can we expect from Ash? Keep reading to find out.

Ash and Horizon have… a unique history

Ash is Dr. Ashleigh Reid, the former partner and apprentice of Horizon, per the new Stories from the Outlands video you’ll find below. Well, Ashleigh betrayed and left Horizon for dead, eventually being turned into the Simulacrum Ash. Ash ends up as a key antagonist in Titanfall 2, eventually migrating to Apex Legends to be in charge of the Arenas mode. However, the Apex website says that “Ash is done just overseeing the games: She’s ready to win them and prove she’s the Apex Predator.” Ash could prove to be quite Legend in Escape, but only time will tell just how powerful she will be.

The C.A.R. SMG looks like it could be a compelling weapon for close-quarters combat

While we don’t have much details on the C.A.R. SMG, the Apex notes say that it’s the “gun for when you’re ready to make a stand and become the last Legend still standing.” That, to me, says this weapon will launch in a pretty powerful state. There have been several strong SMG weapons in the game, but all end up getting nerfed pretty hard after launch. The C.A.R. could prove to be different and stand out from among the competition by being more powerful, but scarce on the battlefield. SMG is my favorite weapon class in the game, as I often like to run R-99 and Volt at the same time until I find a Triple Take, but that could all change in the new season.

“A storm is brewing” in the Outlands, but what does that mean for maps?

Each new season we either get new maps or map updates, and Escape is no exception. While we don’t know quite what to expect, “A storm is brewing” is all we’re told. “No matter how beautiful it seems, every corner of the Outlands is a dangerous place. You’d be wise to remember that.” I wonder if a new game mode will come from it where you’ll have multiple Storms to run from, or maybe the Storm is just more powerful this time around.

9to5Toys’ Take

It’s been a while since I really played Apex, but I’m ready to dive back in. I played a ton pre-Emergence but this season wasn’t particularly enticing to me for whatever reason. Ash and the new weapon make Escape sound quite fun, however. I’m quite excited to see what comes of Apex Legends Escape, and will very likely dive back into the Apex Games once it’s out – what about you?

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