Apogee BOOM review: The brand’s most affordable 2×2 Mac/iPad audio interface with DSP FX launches today

Apogee BOOM audio interface review

Apogee, a leader in the digital audio space, is unveiling one of its most exciting and capable entry-level pieces of kit today, the Apogee BOOM audio interface. While not exactly known as the most affordable solution out there, they are best known in professional circles for its high-end consumer recording studio models; the brand has also been delivering top-notch interfaces and USB mics for content creators over the last several years now with gear like its Duet line and MiC Plus. But things are getting really interesting today with the announcement of its most affordable dual-input BOOM interface. After having a chance to go hands-on with an early production unit over the last few weeks, we are ready to dish up an in-depth look at this powerful little recording device. 

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Apogee intros gorgeous new Duet 3 audio interface ‘optimized for Apple Logic Pro’

Apogee – one of the world leaders in analog-to-digital conversion and audio interfaces – is introducing its all-new Duet 3 today. Following in line with the previous generation version that “raised the expectations for what a home studio audio interface should offer,” the new Duet 3 interface is a sleek audio interface for Mac (and Windows) content creators and music producers with onboard hardware DSP to power built-in and low-latency recording with some serious plug-ins/FX. Head below for a closer look at the new high-end Apogee Duet 3 interface. 

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