Atari Stories October 2

It’s hard to argue that the last few years have left us with an overabundance of retro consoles. We’ve seen releases from Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and others. Outside of Analogue, many retro consoles offer a limited number of playable games. This is not the case for Atari VCS though, as it is set to offer streaming subscribers access to more than two thousand officially-licensed games. expand full story

Atari Stories September 19

expiredToday’s Best Game Deals: Atari Classics Switch $20, Yoshi’s Crafted World $47, more

In today’s best game deals, GameStop is now offering the Atari Flashback Classics collection for Nintendo Switch at $19.99. Shipping is free in orders over $50; otherwise opt for in-store pickup to avoid the delivery fees. This one goes for $40 at Amazon and on the eShop with today’s deal being a solid 50% price drop and one of the best we have ever tracked. This is a really simple way to add 150 Atari classics to your Switch library in a single purchase. From Centipede, Missile Command and Asteroids to those classic Atari sports games, this collection has it all. Head below for deals on titles like Horizon Zero Dawn Complete, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening pre-orders, Forza Horizon 3, Super Mario Maker 2, and many more. 

Atari Stories June 5

expiredAtari’s Flashback Console has 105 classics built-in for just $20 (25% off)

GameStop is now offering the Atari Flashback 8 Classic Game Console for $19.97. You can pick it up for free at your local GameStop after purchasing online or hit that $50 free shipping threshold. Originally $53 or so, this has slid down over the last couple years and is now more like $30 at Amazon and had been closer to $27 at GameStop. Today’s deal is the best price we can find. This nostalgic console comes with 105 built-in games including Pitfall!, River Raid, Kaboom!, Frogger, Space Invaders, Centipede and Millipede. It also includes a pair of wired controllers and legacy ports for your original joysticks. Rated 4+ stars from over 60% of the Amazon reviewers. More details below.

Atari Stories November 20, 2018

expiredAtari’s Flashback Portable Gaming Device drops to $40 (20% off), Sega $40, more from $30

Kohl’s is offering the Atari Flashback Portable Gaming Device for $39.99 with free in-store pickup. Orders that exceed $50 qualify for free shipping. That’s 20% off the going rate found at retailers like Target and is within $5 of the lowest price we have tracked. This portable console has 80 built-in games including iconic titles like PAC-MAC and Frogger. Reviews are still rolling in for this specific model, but Atari’s devices are well-rated. If Atari is not your thing, head below to see some alternative retro portables on sale.

Atari Stories April 30, 2018

Update (5/31): The Atari VCS is now available for pre-order and has already been funded with an entire month left to go.

If you read our coverage back in March of Atari VCS, we had a general idea about pricing and pre-order dates, but detailed information was lacking. At that time Atari said that it would provide this information in April, and today, the company did just that. Atari today announced a concrete pre-order start date, where the VCS can be ordered, initial pricing information, and a general shipping timeframe.

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Atari Stories March 21, 2018

We first heard word of Atari’s upcoming new home console in summer 2017 as the company confirmed it was getting back into the hardware business. The nostalgic brand has been largely quiet since its golden age some 40 years ago now, but today we are getting an official name for the new Atari machine as well as an official pre-order window. expand full story

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