Moog Mavis review: Powerful entry-level semi-modular sound design kit for content creators

Moog Mavis review hero

Moog is one of the most established synthesizer makers out there, delivering some of the best analog gear on the market for many years ranging from higher-end all-in-one machines to its stable of semi-modular synths that now includes the new Moog Mavis. Joining the Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon, Grandmother, and Matriarch instruments, the Moog Mavis enters on the more entry-level side of things with a $349 price tag and a build-it-yourself experience that, after going hands-on with the powerful little semi-modular, features quite an extensive range of sound design possibilities in a tight package. Head below for our impressions of the user and building experience on the new Moog Mavis. 

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Moog unveils affordable new build-it-yourself Mavis semi-modular synth

Today, Moog is introducing a new budget-friendly analog semi-modular synth known as Mavis. Moog – named after the legendary synth designer Robert Moog who is largely responsible for essentially creating the analog synthesizer as we know it – still makes some of the best analog sound makers on the planet, and has now unleashed one of its more affordable points of entry to the semi-modular world. The new Mavis delivers a standalone synthesis and sound design experience that can also be integrated into larger interconnected Moog or Eurorack systems making for a notable option for modular beginners and experienced synthesists alike. Head below for a closer look at the new Moog Mavis semi-modular synthesizer. 

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Moog brings legendary Model 15 modular synth to macOS Big Sur, FREE for existing iOS users

Moog — one of the premier synth brands since the mid 1960s — just announced the Model 15 Modular synth for Mac. The brand has now updated its “award-winning” Model 15 Modular Synthesizer App with a number of new features and compatibility with macOS Big Sur. Originally developed as an emulation of the iconic 1973 hardware and an educational tool for modular synthesis, the Model 15 is also a wonderful creation tool for music producers/sound designers, and is now available on the big screen, inside your favorite DAW, and is free to existing owners of the iOS version. More details below. 

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