Nintendo Switch Stories March 22

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you’ve likely wondered why a proper D-Pad wasn’t included on either Joy Con. Well, popular accessory maker Hori is here to fix that. It looks like this coming July, Hori is set to release a redesigned left Joy Con that will feature a proper D-Pad, though other characteristics common to normal Joy Cons will be missing.

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Nintendo Switch Stories March 12

expiredKeep your Switch protected & charged w/ Nyko’s battery case: $27 (Reg. $40)

Amazon offers the Nyko Power Shell Case for Nintendo Switch at just $26.86 shipped. Normally $40, this case is on sale for $30 at Walmart and is at its lowest price that we’ve tracked. If you’re always running low on battery for your Switch, this is a great way to keep it protected and powered when not playing. Though reviews are light, Nyko is normally well-rated.

Nintendo Switch Stories February 4

Get Super Mario Odyssey on Switch at nearly 20% off w/ no membership: $48.50 shipped

Amazon is offering Super Mario Odyssey on Switch for $48.66 shipped. Also at Walmart. Normally $60 everywhere, one of the only ways to get a better deal on this game is to be a paying member of Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked. If you’re not a GCU member ($30/2 years), this is one of the best deals we’ve tracked. Rated 4.8/5 stars by thousands.

Nintendo Switch Stories January 31

The Nintendo Switch is in millions of homes nationwide. It’s in my home, and several of my friends’ homes, and many of your homes. Nintendo needed this win after the failed Wii U launch following its successful Wii. To no one’s surprise, Nintendo has sold an exorbitant amount of Switch units, but just how many has really baffled me.

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Nintendo Switch Stories January 25

The Nintendo Switch is a modern marvel. If you’re looking for a fantastic gaming console that has both portability and fun at its forefront, then the Switch should be your first choice. This isn’t a review of the Switch, however. Today we’re going to be talking about one of its shortcomings and how to fix it: storage.

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Nintendo Switch Stories January 4

expiredGet a 2-Pack of Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for $4 Prime shipped

iMuto (99% positive customer feedback) via Amazon is offering its 2-Pack of tempered glass screen protectors for Nintendo Switch for $7.99, but if you use code JWSYVO9M the price drops to just $3.99 Prime shipped. That’s $4 off the regular price and the lowest we’ve seen it go at Amazon. While we don’t recommend testing its strength with a hammer, it does claim to be highly-durable and scratch-resistant. Rated 4.7/5 stars by Amazon shoppers.

Nintendo Switch Stories October 30, 2017

Nintendo Switch Stories August 9, 2017

From 9to5Mac:

Nintendo has been on a path that I, and a lengthy list of other tech-invested people, have long warned about. Its tone-deaf approach to online, its resistance to adopt new technologies, and most importantly — the existence of the iPhone — have all been bad signs for Nintendo. My advice to the Kyoto-based company up until now? Adapt, or succumb to a slow, painful death at the hands of mobile.

That was the way I used to think just a mere six months ago. Then the Switch happened…

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Nintendo Switch Stories July 20, 2017

Although I have a TV, my 5K iMac’s display is the one that I use the most throughout the day. With this in mind, I’ve long wished for the ability to play game consoles directly on the 5K display.

An HDMI input option isn’t something you’ll find on any Mac, which obviously limits the the machine’s abilities in this area. Yet, there is one option — Elgato’s GameCapture HD60 S — for those of you wishing to showcase a game console, like the Nintendo Switch, on the iMac’s display.

Normally thought of for its capturing abilities, the HD60 S, which features superior low-latency properties, does a great job of displaying the Nintendo Switch in full screen 1080p at 60 fps. It’s not perfect, and it’s definitely not cheap, but it’s one of the best solutions that I’ve found for using the iMac as an external display. Have a look at our hands-on video walkthrough for more details on my setup. expand full story

Nintendo Switch Stories May 12, 2017

The Nintendo Switch is the toy I’ve been playing with non-stop from the day I bought it. If I’m not writing about the latest in Android over at 9to5Google, I’m obsessively looking for shrines in Breath of the Wild or making my way through a Grand Prix in MarioKart 8: Deluxe.

When I picked up my Nintendo Switch, all that was available was the standard looking gray option. It works, but it’s pretty generic. Then, I decided to pick up a set of neon JoyCons to give the console a bit of color, since skins just don’t work with it. However, neon just didn’t feel like me, I wanted something more personal. That’s when Colorware announced that it was extending its services to the Switch. Needless to say, I got pretty excited and now, I’ve got a set of custom JoyCons that are exactly what I wanted with the Switch.

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