RHA Stories June 20

Even though the era of true wireless earbuds has arrived, higher-end audio companies are still managing to find success targeting releases towards the audiophile crowd. The very same listeners willing to shell out big bucks for studio-grade cans still need options for enjoying hi-fi music on-the-go. And with AirPods’ sound quality not cutting it for many, that’s where RHA’s new T20 Wireless Earphones come in. Cutting the cord on one of its more popular releases, the brand’s new earbuds come as feature-packed as it gets. More details below.

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RHA Stories October 4, 2018

Ever since Apple released its AirPods, loads of alternatives from competitors have been pushed out in an attempt to grab marketshare. Companies like Samsung, Bang & Olufsen, Jabra, and even Anker have shipped what they think consumers are looking for. Up to this point, none of the options have seemed to garner the amount of interest that AirPods have experienced. With today’s announcement of the TrueConnect earbuds from RHA, folks who are not in the Apple ecosystem or find the fit of the AirPods to be uncomfortable may finally have a viable alternative to consider. expand full story

RHA Stories July 27, 2013


9to5Toys Best Of highlights the best products we’ve ever used, and those products we personally find useful in our own lives. These are the best of the best.

RHA designs and engineers their audio products in Britain and prides themselves on honing in on the small details of a product and making them great. Prior to testing their headphones, I had never heard of RHA (they’re a division of Reid Heath Ltd.), but the fact that Apple retail carries their products coupled with their sharp industrial design made me want to check them out.

As quick as Apple can give me new set of headphones with each iDevice, I somehow find a way to misplace, break, or water (OK, sweat) damage them. I am assuming many of you are just like me in that regard and, as such, prefer a pair of solid earbuds under the $50 mark. At first glance, it seemed that the RHA M350 noise-isolating aluminum headphones would the fit the bill, so I decided to give them a test drive.

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