New Product Stories Yesterday

Garmin’s Vívofit fitness trackers are amongst the most popular on the market today. While there are a number of products that record your movement and activities, there are few options for children. Today, Garmin introduced the new Vívofit Jr., a scaled down and colorful version of its noted wearable. It is still smartphone-connected, so you’ll need to have a device on-hand but the software has been reimagined for a younger audience.

For example, many of the goals have been remade into games. These same daily objectives have been tweaked to meet the lifestyles of kids. The default goal is 60-minutes of “playtime” that add up to virtual currency used for in-app purchases (approved in advanced). Parents can also set additional reminders for chores or other tasks that need to be accomplished. The Garmin Vívofit Jr. is listed at $80.

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We spend a lot of time trying to perfect our desks but really you should be focused on finding the right chair. After all, you’ll end up sitting there more than you think. We recommend Herman Miller’s Aereon chairs as a great place to get started. But if you’re looking to go next-level, a British inventor and designer by the name of David Wickett may have just created the ultimate chair. With just 20 handmade units available and a $26,000 price tag, it’s a substantial investment but worth seeing in action:

Dr. Wickett is leveraging his background in bioengineering to create a carbon fiber masterpiece that has gesture controls and unmatched support for your back. Much like memory foam, the skeleton beneath the hand-stitched leather contours exactly to your body as the chair reclines to recreate an anti-gravity experience. The optical sensor detects different hand movements and automatically raises or lowers the chair. Interested? The Elysium Chair is on display at the Bang and Olufsen showroom in England. You can learn more by visiting the official product page.

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New Product Stories September 28

Blue Microphones has made quite a name for itself as one of the top consumer audio manufacturers on the market today. Its podcasting gear regularly tops best seller lists at online retailers. The company has now released a new option for capturing voiceovers on-the-go. Its new Raspberry microphone is designed for use with iOS devices or a Mac thanks to Lightning and USB connectivity.

With a focus on ease-of-use and a plug-n-play design, it’s made to be thrown in your bag while you’re out on the road. There is a built-in headphone jack, volume control knob and a patent-pending Internal Acoustic Diffuser that is made to recreate studio-grade recordings while filtering out unwanted noise. The new Blue Raspberry Microphone is available for purchase today at Amazon for $199.99.

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New Product Stories September 27

Following the success of its Raspberry Pi coding kit, Kano is now looking to expand its lineup of products. The DIY-focused brand has taken to Kickstarter to fund three new kits that allow builders to create a camera, display or speakers. Much like the original Kano, kids and adults alike will be able to build these fully-functioning products by following step-by-step instructions.


These aren’t just toys. Each kit is designed to teach coding while promoting the benefits of STEM education. Kano’s web-based learning platform is littered with different projects that can be joined together or function alone. The camera has lessons on focus, time lapses and more. Pixel is a small display that can be programmed to show sports scores or other information. Finally, the speaker kit has Bluetooth connectivity and can be used for creating music or can be paired as walkie talkies. Each kit is currently available on Kickstarter for $99 each or $249 for all three. If all goes to plan, Kano will ship its latest creation in July.

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Following last week’s GoPro event that saw the release of the new Karma drone and HERO5 action camera, eyes around the industry turned to DJI for a response. This morning, it took to the stage to unveil its new Mavic Pro. Built around DJI’s industry-leading technology, it has a foldable design that still maintains many of the features we’ve come to love from the Phantom line.


In fact, the Mavic Pro is now more powerful than its older siblings in some areas. Most notable is an impressive 4.3-mile maximum range. That bests the Phantom 4 by over 25% while still streaming 1080p video. Specs include full 4K video at 30fps and 1080p at 96fps. It has support for RAW files and everything is captured via a 78-degree built-in optics system. The Mavic Pro tops out at 40 miles per hour in the sky, nearly matching the Phantom 4. Like GoPro’s Karma, it has a foldable design and an included remote that still requires a smartphone although it can carry out missions via the app thanks to built-in sensors.

DJI is listing its latest creation at $729 (without the remote) or $999 as a full kit.

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New Product Stories September 26

Apple has set off a chain reaction following its decision to remove the headphone jack from the new iPhone 7 earlier this month. In the last few weeks, manufacturers have been pushing out new releases left and right to follow Cupertino’s latest release. Sol Republic has today introduced its new Relays Sport Wireless Earbuds that it claims will never fall out of your ears. Dubbed “the most advanced Bluetooth sports headphones ever built”, these in-ears check all of the boxes for a fraction of its competitors’ price tag.

Sol Republic uses its FreeFlex secure fit design to create an extra solid seal within your ear. It has also moved all of the electronics out of the bud into the cable for a more reliable connection experience. It has a built-in battery that will provide eight hours of playback or one hour following a brief ten minute charge. They are also IPX4 rated for sweat and water resistance. Priced at $79.99, the new Relays Sport Wireless are available for purchase today in lemon, mint and black.

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Retro gaming enthusiasts are likely familiar with 8bitdo and its beautiful retro gaming controllers. By leveraging Bluetooth technology, the brand has been able to bring modern day amenities to old school consoles. 8bitdo has taken to Kickstarter to unveil its latest creation, this time inspired by the Apple II. The AP40 is a full-featured controller with load-out buttons, directional pad and analog joysticks. It is compatible with a multitude of devices, including iPhone and iPad, Mac/Windows, Android and more.

Features aside, Apple enthusiasts are sure to be drawn in by its design aesthetics. The AP40 takes it cues from Apple’s original multi-colored logo. It is splashed with bright hues and a tiny Apple leaf on top. What’s more, 8bitdo includes a tiny keyboard like stand for holding your smartphone or tablet while gaming. Available for pre-order today, the AP40 has an early bird price of $49 and is slated to ship in January if all goes to plan. Check out the rest of 8bitdo’s lineup for more retro-inspired accessories.

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Today, Roku announced a series of brand new streaming boxes to replace its current lineup. Highlighting the new arrivals is the $30 Roku Express box. Billed as the company’s tiniest to date, the Express replaces the Roku 1 while undercutting most of its competitors in the process including Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

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New Product Stories September 23

After enjoying a successful crowdfunding round last year, the Podo stick-and-shoot smartphone camera is back for another round. At just $49, the new version turns nearly any surface into a tripod to capture the perfect shot. The micro-adhesive sticky material just needs to be washed and it’s ready for another round.

The 5MP camera also captures video at 720p 30fps. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and uses 8GB of internal memory for storing content between uploads. Obviously, the camera isn’t going to break any records. But at $49, its unique design and flexibility could make for some interesting shots. The Podo has already blown passed its original $50,000 goal. If all goes to plan, it will ship before the end of the year.

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New Product Stories September 22

After being announced back in the spring, the first Alexa-enabled smartwatch is finally available for purchase. The CoWatch from iMCO had a successful round of funding over at Indiegogo after raising over $288,000. Dubbed the “most affordable high-end smartwatch”, Amazon’s voice-activated assistant stands out amongst the feature set.

Specs include a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of memory and 8GB of internal storage. That’s an impressive amount of space for a smart watch, matching Apple’s timepiece. The AMOLED full-circle touchscreen display has a variety of features, while the stainless steel outer protects the gyrometer, accelerometer and heart rate sensor. It also has 32 hours of battery life on a single charge. Available in Black and Silver, the CoWatch is now listed at Amazon for $299.

If there’s anything that our readers love, it’s LEGO and drones. A new project called Flybrix is bringing both together in a DIY kit that encourages builders to take to the skies. The new company has put together a very user-friendly plan. Each kit will skip with an assortment of LEGO plus all of the hardware components needed to take off. A minifig pilot is also included with purchase.

Flybrix says that you’ll be up and flying in under 15 minutes. The pre-programmed control board and battery has simple step-by-step directions. You’ll be able to fly with your smartphone thanks to the companion app that connects via Bluetooth. There are 10 games included or you can simply fly about. Prices start at $149 for the basic kit or $189 with a bundled remote control.

No need for an engine? There are plenty of LEGO Plane sets on Amazon priced from $15 Prime shipped.

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New Product Stories September 21

Ring’s smartphone-connected doorbells offer a convenient way to see who is at your front porch without scurrying to the door. Recently, the smart home brand announced a new Stick Up camera with a built-in 5200mAh battery. Problem is, that power supply will run dry.

In a smart move, Ring is now bundling its Stick Up Cam with a solar panel that will provide a consistent power source. It solves a lot of the headaches that come with a remote camera setup and still enables access via the iOS or Android app. The camera automatically detects movement, has a built-in speaker/mic and works with IFTTT. The camera itself is available for purchase today for $199 and comes bundled with the solar panel at $249. Rated 4.5/5 stars by nearly 300 Amazon customers.

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Philips’ line of Hue light bulbs and accessories has become nearly synonymous with the smart home over the last few years. However, finding a happy medium between a traditional light bulb and the pricier smartphone-connected models has been a struggle. Philips has single color Hue bulbs but they are still not cost-effective.

Today, this situation has been remedied by the new $9 SceneSwitch LED Light Bulb. Philips’ latest illumination product is able to recreate three different shades of ambient lighting with the touch of a button. And at that price, you’re likely to forget some of its shortcomings…

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New Product Stories September 20

September has been a big month for camera manufacturers as Canon, DJI, Leica and GoPro have all introduced new models. Not wanting to be left out, Fuji is showcasing its latest mirrorless option that packs a massive 51.4 megapixel camera. The GFX50S uses a new G Format Sensor that has been especially designed for Fuji. It’s nearly two times the size of a typical high-end DSLR, which is particularly impressive given its relatively small 800 gram footprint…

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New Product Stories September 19

Today was a big one for GoPro. After months of speculation and teasers, the action camera brand took the wraps off its new Karma drone and the HERO5. In typical fashion, CEO and Founder Nick Woodman was on-stage for a loaded 30-minute presentation that covered next generation products for every one of GoPro’s categories. Full details below.

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New Product Stories September 16

Despite all of the commotion surrounding the iPhone 7 Plus’ new camera, Canon took the opportunity to squeeze in its own new release this week. The latest mirrorless creation, the EOS M5, leans heavy on its DSLR siblings in both form and function. A 24MP APS-C sensor highlights a list of features that puts this new beauty on par with Canon’s other prosumer cameras…

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New Product Stories September 15

Leica, best known for its high-end cameras and stunning designs, has revealed its new creation: the Sofort instant camera. Polaroid has long been known as the dominant force in this product category, having breathed new life into its products over the last year. Today’s announcement departs from typical Leica releases in both price and function. With bright colors and a digital control panel, the Sofort is all the more attractive at $300.

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New Product Stories September 14

September may go down as wireless headphone history month by the time it comes to an end. With Apple’s much ballyhooed removal of the 3.5mm jack from the new iPhone 7 and the release of its AirPods, it seems that cords (or lack there of) are on everyone’s mind these days.

After bursting on to the scene back in May, Erato has been singing the praises of its own Apollo 7 wireless earbuds as an alternative to traditional Bluetooth buds. Now, it’s back with two products on Indiegogo just in time for Apple’s latest creation to hit the streets.

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The $180 Amazon Echo is a friggen game changer. Put it in your kitchen or living room and after about 5 minutes of setup you have an intelligent speaker that you can ask for news, sports, audio books, and of course music. You can also ask the Echo any question you can think of and more often than not (but less often than Google) it returns a good answer. The magic is in the always-on, far field speaker which happens to be able to understand language as good as any natural language processor out there – even from way across the room. You don’t need to have your phone on and nearby – you are hands free anywhere within earshot.


Amazon has added a ton of services that connect the Echo over the past year to just about anything in your home. Most smart thermostats, garage door openers, etc. etc now work with Alexa, Amazon’s assistant.  Additionally, Amazon has worked with other partners to do things like order delivery pizza, get rides from Uber, and of course buy stuff from Amazon.

I’ve been using the Amazon Echo Dot which went on sale today (for delivery in October with new colors and combinations now only $50) for the past 3 months and I love it for its portability and its expandability even more than the $130 more expensive original. Let me explain:

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New Product Stories September 13

Today, TP-LINK has announced a new line of affordable Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs, entering an already crowded space. The recently remade brand hopes its latest smart home product will standout from the pack because of its lack of a required hub. Starting at $20, TP-Link is using aggressive pricing to make a case for your light socket.

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New Product Stories September 12

Nearly a year ago, TiVo announced the Bolt DVR with 4K compatibility and a sleek new design. However, that release left many power users in the dark because of limited tuners and storage in comparison to past models. TiVo has stepped up today with the new Bolt+ that includes six tuners and a massive 3TB hard drive for $499 plus a service fee. It even made a return to the black colorway while still maintaining its attractive curved design.

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New Product Stories September 9

This morning, Sony introduced a pair of new flagship action cameras that are loaded with features. New 4K and 1080p models bring a number of improvements over the previous generation. Today’s announcement comes just 10 days before GoPro’s upcoming event that may very well include the new HERO5.

Sony’s biggest improvement comes way of a new Balanced Optical SteadyShot system (BOSS). This is the first time that a big name manufacturer has integrated optical image stabilization in a major release. More below.

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New Product Stories September 8

It seems like every category of toy is getting the Star Wars treatment these days. With Rogue One slated for release later this year, it’s no surprise that the fervor is starting to rise again. Spin Master has announced that its expanding its clever line of Star Wars-inspired products to include new RC drone that are a tad more affordable than those limited edition runs from Propel.

The new Air Hogs sets are designed to recreate infamous scenes from the movies. Most notably the X-Wing attacking the Death Star…

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