New Product Stories Yesterday

For outfitting your smart home with HomeKit-enabled devices, Elgato has been producing some of the most reliable options on the market. Its lineup of Eve devices range from the typical smart plugs and light switches to motion, temperature and other sensors. Now, the company has announced it will be extending its accessories with a new portable LED lamp deemed Eve Flare.

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New Product Stories May 24

Smart is the theme in 2018, and it’s awesome. Alexa (or Google Home/HomePod) are at the center of it all, and this latest product takes advantage of it in a way that can really be beneficial.

RolliCool launched a line of Alexa-enabled smart portable air conditioners. The power rating ranges from 10,000 to 14,000 BTUs and you can control it from an iOS/Android phone or with Alexa, depending on whether or not you want to use a phone or voice.

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New Product Stories May 23

It’s Battlefield V day! Call of Duty Black Ops 4 was just announced last week and now it’s time for this year’s Battlefield. Operations are back, there’s both co-op and single player campaigns, and more. Let’s dive into what looks to be one of the most fun games of the year.

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To coincide with the launch of the latest film in the Star Wars’ franchise, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Hollywood Memorabilia has teamed up with Disney and Lucas Arts to give fans their latest chance at bringing a piece of the movies home. Today they’ve announced that it would be putting screen-used production pieces of the infamous Death Star up for auction.

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Scosche has been creating high-quality audio gear for a while now and today it is ready to unveil its new Boom Bottle MM Bluetooth Speaker. The company is tapped in to the rugged design of its previous generation audio gear while enhancing the overall functionality with a new form factor. expand full story

New Product Stories May 22

When it comes to gaming accessories or computers, Razer is normally high up on the list. One of the first companies to introduce the eGPU (and with its recently-released model becoming more affordable), Razer is normally at the forefront of gaming engineering when it comes to computers.

The Razer Blade has seen a few updates throughout the years, but never really any huge “upgrades” – until now, that is. The gaming company finally gave one of the best laptops on the market a worthy upgrade with a bigger screen, better look, and a trend I’m loving a larger trackpad.

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While most of us are fine popping in a pair of earbuds and listening to our favorite jams from our smartphones, audiophiles and other music enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to enjoy their media. Today FiiO has brought a new high-end audio player to market, which packs USB-C among other high-end features sure to draw in those looking for an elevated music experience.

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When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One Elite Controller at E3 2015, many felt that it was only a matter of time before Sony unleashed its own high-end gamepad. The Xbox Elite controller sports a steel construction along with interchangeable paddle-style buttons, among other things. While Sony is more likely to unveil PlayStation 5 before some kind of pro controller, the folks over at Scuf gaming have you covered. expand full story

New Product Stories May 21

Huawei is a name that’s been making its rounds in the press lately. The company recently launched the MateBook X Pro laptop for international customers, but it finally announced the U.S. availability and pricing.

Starting at $1,199.99, the MateBook X Pro is a high-end laptop, but both the specs and design warrant it. With unique features like a pop-up webcam and design that reminds us of a certain fruit-named company, the MateBook X Pro could shake up Windows PCs for the better.

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iOttie has gone from basically a no-name tech brand to what might be considered one of the most popular affordable accessory names out there. Its smartphone mounts (among other things) are incredibly popular among 9to5 readers and its iON charging solutions haven’t been far behind since Apple launched Qi compatible handsets last year.

While the original has been popular among consumers, iOttie is ready to release an upgraded model that should take up less space on your desk, get the job done safely and look pretty nice in the process. expand full story

Sonos is the cornerstone of many people’s home audio systems. With multi-room audio, stereo support and a robust list of other features, Sonos covers a wide range of use cases making the speakers ideal for adding high-quality sound to just your dorm room or even a whole-home setup. Today the company has debuted a variety of speaker sets that make it easier and more affordable to kickstart your audio configuration.

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After the release of Resident Evil 6 back in October of 2012, many gamers began to feel both a fatigue on the series and were just generally unpleased with the direction it had been taking over the course of the last couple games. RE4 is easily one of the best games in the series and was able to strike a fantastic balance between horror, exploration and action. In an attempt to return the series to its roots and what made 4 so good, Capcom took RE7 in a new direction focusing almost solely on exploration, scares and immersion.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard released early last year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC to solid reviews. And now we are just days away from its first appearance on the Nintendo Switch, although the game doesn’t appear to be just your average port. expand full story

New Product Stories May 18

Laptops used to be for light-duty work only. At one time, they were limited to dual-core processors (even with i7’s) and then we stepped into the realm of quad-core offerings. After that came quad-core hyperthreading, giving you theoretically 8 lanes of processing power.

Now, it’s time for a new generation of processing to take place. ASUS recently announced a new ZenBook Pro 15 laptop, with Intel’s massive Core i9-8950HK processor that features 6 cores and 12 threads of monstrous power. But that’s not all this laptop packs, keep reading to find out more.

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The folks at Native Union have been known most recently for a wide selection of high-end charging gear for Apple and Android devices. We’ve loved a number of their recent releases as a nice break from the usual offerings on Amazon.

Now, Native Union has departed from its bread and butter for a new collaboration with the French audio brand La Boite Concept. This new, and rather unique speaker, combines a sleek design with high-end brass and walnut materials. Taking it even further is the inclusion of a hidden storage box that keeps your cable and other gear out of sight. Oh, and it has an optional Qi charger too. Whew. More details below.

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New Product Stories May 17

After announcing new in-ears and the audiophile HD 820’s for $2,400 back at CES earlier this year, Sennheiser’s latest wireless sports set is now up for sale. While the company already has quite a large selection of sports and workout-oriented headsets available on the market, the latest entry in its CX-series in-ears are going up for sale starting today. expand full story

New Product Stories May 15

Microsoft’s Surface line is synonymous with high-end products. The Surface Hub was initially announced back in 2015, and today we’re seeing an updated version dubbed the Surface Hub 2.

This Hub is designed for businesses who need to work on the big screen and brought along with it both unique features and challenges. The Hub 2 is the next step, giving businesses and coworkers a unique way to come together and create new things.

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Master & Dynamic is an audio company that focuses on premium materials for its range of headphones, speakers and accessories. Today the company is set to “reinterpret customization” with the launch of the new MW50+ headphones. expand full story

Popular stylus maker, Adonit has today released its newest stylus, Snap 2 with a range of features focused on creatives and Snapchat and Instagram users that has a built-in camera shutter for selfies and more.

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New Product Stories May 14

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa can control nearly every aspect of our homes, from lighting to our thermostat and more. Today, that list of connected devices expands yet again, as TiVo has announced that it will finally be bringing highly anticipated voice-control features to several models of its DVR boxes.

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We just finished up both Google I/O and Microsoft BUILD. At Microsoft’s BUILD conference, the company behind the Windows Operating System announced its partnership with Amazon and Alexa for voice assistants. The Alexa partnership is particularly interesting as it will now be built into Windows, but HP went a step further and built Amazon’s voice assistant into the hardware of its latest All-in-One desktop.

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Along with the unveil of its new Subharmonicon all-in-one modular-synth, Moog is continuing its push into the Eurorack space with a new semi-modular analog synthesizer known as Grandmother. After the DFAM garnered popularity among the synth/modular crowd, Moog is now offering the Moogfest 2018 Edition for pre-order at Guitar Center ahead of a full release. expand full story

(Update 4/15 12:30pm): You’ll find the brand new Rage 2 gameplay trailer down below along with some additional story details.

With the world’s biggest gaming event of the year right around the corner now, excitement is raging for the next major releases. But that month before E3 can also be a precarious one for game devs and publishers as they fight back against leaks and the like. However, Bethesda has decided to play in to it this year after Walmart (accidentally) posted listings for the sequel to Rage 2 a couple of weeks back. Bethesda begun teasing the game on Twitter and elsewhere leaving an announcement all but imminent.

Well today is that day, Rage 2 is officially a thing and we have the announcement trailer for you below. expand full story

New Product Stories May 11

As eBikes take over as a budget option for commuters who’d rather not buy a car, more and more people are riding bikes on public roads.

One issue that faces bikers everywhere is turning. How do you signal to vehicles behind (or in front) of you that you want to turn? Sure, there’s hand signals, but they don’t always draw a lot of attention. That’s where Blinkers come in. This is a name we have called turn signals forever, but now it’s a company who makes signals for bikes and it should result in safer riding for everyone.

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One of the hottest devices to hit both digital and physical store shelves in the recent past has been Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic consoles. The vintage-inspired gaming machines bring all the charm from their original counterparts in a smaller, more bite-sized form-factor packed with a variety of hit games. Now, Nintendo is debuting another version of the NES Classic, this time sporting a fancy gold finish and an all-new roster of games.

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The selection of Google Assistant speakers has grown massively over the past year, with a speaker available for any setup. Now, Polk Audio is jumping into the ring with its new Polk Assist speaker…

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