SodaStream holiday deals deliver homemade sparkling water from $63 shipped (Up to $60 off)

$60 off From $63

We are now tracking some notable price drops on a range of SodaStream bundles starting with the Art Sparkling Water Maker Bundle at $124.99 shipped. Regularly $180 at Amazon or even more directly from SodaStream with half the included CO2 cartridges, this is matching the Amazon all-time low and the Black Friday price at 38% off the going rate. For comparison, the base model is even more at $127.50 right now. The Art model is one of the most attractive designs in the SodaStream lineup if you ask me. It features a sort of retro-style pull handle and overall vintage aesthetic that stands out from the rest of the offerings from the brand. From there, it delivers the same homemade sparkling water experience alongside a pair of 60L CO2 cylinders, two dishwasher-safe bottles, and a 2-pack of 40ml bubly drop flavors. Head below for more SodaStream deals and details. 

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