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EA Games has finally unleashed Real Racing 3 in the US.  Real Racing 3 aims to make the player feel like they are behind the wheel of a Porsche slamming gears and banging turns.  This game boasts an all star lineup of cars including Lamborghini, Dodge, Bugatti, Audi in addition to the aforementioned Porsche.  To make the gameplay even more addicting they have officially licensed tracks and a 22-car grid.  Beyond these features the biggest draw of this game will no doubt be its beautiful aesthetics.  Real Racing 3 is going to be the game that you share with your friends to showcase the graphical capabilities of your iDevice.

EA Games is taking a risk by utilizing the “freemium” pricing strategy for this game.  That means that it is free to download but will require in-app purchases for upgraded vehicles, tracks, and gameplay.  The awesome part of freemium games is that you can give them a download and figure out if you like them without spending a penny. Get downloading and start racing.

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One Response to “Real Racing 3 for iPhone & iPad officially hits the App Store as a free download”

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