Popular case-maker, Incase, recently launched their Releafed iPhone case trade-in program which will net buyers a $15 credit towards the purchase of any new iPhone case when you send in ANY old iPhone case. It doesn’t matter if it’s an original iPhone case, a cheap 3rd party knock-off case, or even broken. Incase will still give you $15 credit for it. We do not typically see many discounts on Incase products so this is a great way to save some money on a fresh case for your iPhone 5 or maybe a new iPhone 5c or 5s.


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2 Responses to “Trade in ANY old iPhone case and get $15 credit towards a new one from Incase”

  1. standardpull says:

    I do have some old cases lying around for my old 3G, so this seems like an awesome deal. Incase is a little expensive but they have high end product. Sliding my old 3G into the incase protected it as well as an ecclesiastical maven at the gates. So I will surely get another when I upgrade the dogolhum.

    • Dan DeSilva says:

      Agreed. Incase is generally expensive, just look at their case prices at the Apple stores. But this deal brings the prices down to a reasonable rate that will allow you to get a premium case without breaking the bank. Plus Incase has some really unique designs that you just cant find from other vendors.