Onkyo 5.2 channel-(TX-NR626) -network A:V receiver-sale-refurb-01Woot is offering the refurbished Onkyo 5.2 channel (TX-NR525) network A/V receiver for just $200 + $5 shipping and the 7.2 channel model (TX-NR626) for $300 + $5 shipping. For both the 5.2 and 7.2-channel models, that’s $295 off the regular new price and $145 better than Amazon’s new price. Both are better than most used prices and the lowest factory refurbished listings we can find. These units feature HDMI connectivity, 4K video support, music and internet radio streaming, easy home network integration, various audio enhancement abilities and come with a remote.

Both the 5.2 and 7.2 models have received near or over 4/5 star ratings on Amazon and come with a 1 year warranty from Onkyo.

Onkyo 5.2 channel TX-NR525 network A/V receiver (refurb): $200 (Reg. $500 new)
Onkyo 7.2 channel TX-NR626 network A/V receiver (refurb): $300 (Reg. $600 new)

Onkyo 5.2 channel-(TX-NR626) -network A:V receiver-sale-refurb-03

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One Response to “Onkyo TX-NR network A/V receivers (refurb): 5.2 channel $200 (Reg. $500 new), 7.2 channel: $300 (Reg. $600 new) + $5 shipping”

  1. Mark Man says:

    I have a ONKYO receiver. Sound died after 2 years. Problem with HDMI boards o n a lot of their receivers